The Legends WB S has a semi-flat wide rim with a soft comfortable bite and high alpha angle. This mouthpiece is just what you need “at the top”! ... A powerful mouthpiece that is extremely efficient while delivering the breadth of sound needed for the demands of the modern bass trombone. It has a traditional Bach-style rim, a cup based on a New York 3, and the throat is a #24. The Showtime cup is medium shallow to shallow (similar to Bach D/E). Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, however this strict return policy is necessary in order to keep our prices low. When combined with shallow cups it projects with ease making it a popular choice for lead players. Save this piece for when you want to sound like a laser beam and you’re ready to “get it on”! It’s a nice piece for general middle register playing. Medium-round, semi-narrow, with a medium-sharp bite. The JT B was inspired by the Jet-Tone B model. The rim is medium round with a soft bite and the bowl shaped cup is between a C and D depth, which is medium to medium shallow. The L-B2L can play like a legit mouthpiece or scream like a lead mouthpiece, making it popular not only with full-time lead players, but also with classical players who occasionally need a smaller, more shallow lead mouthpiece. The Legends Brass Signature Series Winston Byrd: One of today’s leading jazz performers, Winston Byrd is an accomplished trumpet player who has built a reputation for melding his professional style to a wide range of musical genre including classical, blues, pop, jazz and improvisation. Try it in the heavyweight blank for easy slotting, superior core, and excellent projection. The cup depth is similar to Bach C. This mouthpiece responds easily and produces a rich sound good for concert settings and legit playing. The FE cup is a good option for jazz player and big band players that want a darker sound than the F. It has a solid core but provides more breadth in the sound for solo playing. (If the item happens to be in stock in gold plate it will ship in 24 hours.) It’s equally suited for playing legit technical music, sophisticated big band, and screaming lead! Shipping is free inside the USA. Try it in the heavyweight blank for easy slotting, superior core, and excellent projection. Try it in the heavyweight blank for easy slotting, superior core, and excellent projection. The Beast is best for screaming lead and taming those raging upper register licks! The cup is medium shallow to shallow (similar to Bach D/E). Moderators:Moderator005, Moderator003, Hollywood70. This mouthpiece will help you soar to new heights! Inside rim diameter of .626″, medium cup, and the Legends S backbore. This mouthpiece is nice for playing any style of music, and is perfect for the technical runs and high-note improvisations of bebop. The Legends Winston Byrd is suitable for playing any style of music, but it is geared toward the upper register improv work Mr. Byrd is known for. The cup is medium shallow, similar to Bach D. This piece is great for lead, legit, or any style of playing! ​. The Legends JT AH D is based on a vintage Jet-Tone reissue AHD (Al Hirt) trumpet mouthpiece. The cup is shallow (similar to a Bach E), and the throat is slightly tight (#28). Mouthpieces that are out-of-stock will be made to order, and may take up to 12 weeks to ship. It’s great for lead and solo parts! Our 43.5 rim is functionally similar to Bach 1, 1 1/2 C, 2, 3B, 5C Elkhart and Schilke 15 and 16 rims.

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