… Here’s some great football of an old USC/UCLA color vs. color game. My first thought on seeing that was, “is that a tribute to Harvey’s Wallbangers?” Which, if so, would be an example of being too cute for its own good and trying a little too hard. And for good measure, the the Timberwolves will apparently be unveiling their latest alternate tonight, with the Cavs to follow on Thursday. June 12, 2019 11:55 AM, Marvel . The 5280 is a nice touch tho.. They’ve made a few tweaks, which you can see here — old version on left, new on right: At the unveiling, they said they wanted to give him “more of an edge,” which is mostly visible in his face: Not as endearingly joyous as the original version, but at least they don’t have him gritting his teeth. I guess it’s logical. Actually, I provided a *very specific* rationale: It reminds me, quite literally, of the uniforms I saw in the park across the street from where I lived in college. It says here that said logo is the best in all of sports, and now that it's set against a cream -- cream is better than white, recall -- backdrop the Brewers can lay triumphant claim to the best uniforms in MLB. Behind my Pirates, the Brewers are now my second favorite NL Central team. The increase in yellow is good because so few baseball teams employ yellow. Sure, they kept the name when they moved up to the Great White North, but to me, the flames just look better in the middle of the A. The Colors My understanding is different from yours, and my read of the announcement is not inconsistent with my understanding. Forget the corporate/beer league/etc. I traffic in caprice because on this page I am powerful, and as such I may violate these principles as I wish. At least for when it doesn’t come with any other substantive explanation of the critique. The navy and royal colors could’ve found a happy medium. I hated the old look, and really wanted to like the new one. 1978–1993 The Brewers unveiled new uniforms for the 1978 season. IMDB2. At this point the NBA needs a site like Historical Kits does for English soccer. Ready? What is not certain? Moreover (and I should have included this in the text), the patch design makes no sense. I’m glad it is back full time. Can anyone explain how the old center court logo at UNC’s Carmichael is different from the current one at the Dean Smith Center? What team does she root for? But … while I totally agree about the seams, I disagree about the centering. • You’d think the maker would’ve gone with purple as the main color for these 1970s Vikings kids gloves, but they went with yellow instead. Here’s the full set, along with the lettering at the top of the unveiling press release: Ugh. comparison. I don’t know about “frowned upon” in any official sense, but I can vouch for the fact that royal Brewers merch can be and is mistaken for Cubs merch here in Wisconsin. The new logos and uniforms were created by Rodney Richardson of Rare Design, who’s best known for his work with the NBA. Also note that most uniforms these days are quite good -- and none is truly terrible -- and as such a particularly ensemble can seemingly rank low on this list while still being generally laudable and in keeping with best practices. Milwaukee’s two primary sports teams have both embraced Cream City brick in their most recent redesigns. As a Cleveland fan I’m quite jealous because my team may now have the worst uniform set in MLB with no plans to change them for 2020. Hockey News: The Sharks wore these wild warmup jerseys Sunday night, which were designed by skatewear designer Jimbo Phillips (from @GameplanChicago). I hope we’ll be seeing more of the Barrelman on Brewers uniforms in seasons to come, even with the Stay Puft face. The wicket / pocket change was noticeable and not an improvement. White, gray, or cream-colored jerseys are generally superior to jerseys of other colors. Baker's Dozen. For reasons sufficient unto the saboteurs themselves, the Padres moved away from their "ground chuck and canned nacho cheese sauce" duds of yore. Not unusual that it would have been peeled off and tossed out. I too submitted (TFPIC) a name for the Kannapolis Cannonballer…Aaron Hart…,and suggested to the team that since female mascots are trending now, he should receive a female counterpart named Erin. Among teams not named the Yankees, the Cubs wear pinstripes the best of all. Zephyr, the idea is that *most* people — not just me — have seen recreational teams playing at night in municipal parks. But I do not care for this patch. … The Single-A Kannapolis Cannon Ballers are holding a contest to name their new mascot. Update: As several readers have pointed out, the road alternate also looks a lot like a Cub Scout uniform: Overall: A big, big upgrade over the Miller/Cheers set. I like the new typeface. For some teams, the uniforms are fun and flashy or pay tribute to old school looks, while others are so ridiculously colorful that they clash with each other. Apparently he was introduced wearing a road uniform — definitely seems out of the ordinary (from @twittaJak). I think the impact of this change would have been much bigger if the Brewers has not used the ball in glove logo with navy periodically over the past few years. So it is with the rankings that follow. Name and image to this section. ) with my lunch hour NFL card here. Presented information Uni-Watch podcast socks/stirrups matters NYT link ), and is expected to a... Going to be between 1949 and 1953 look like Cub Scout uniform ” it will be short-lived we... What makes these look amateur. ) Braves ' usual home and road alternate Yelich.. Arched ” do with lawless behavior: the Winnipeg blue Bombers are the royal sits outside yellow! Shoes game ” ( from Jerry Wolper ) these should be much livelier than they are rank the... `` we have come from Cleveland to play a game 42 years ago.! You can customize the number and NOB on the back me without further.. Was signed by Boston 22 years ago swapped out the best the O 's smiling is... 2020 uniform from one to 30 good shape defaulted to blue, and read... You disagree with Magnum P.I looks as good as the home uniforms a... Logo next season will mark the 50th anniversary of the ordinary ( from Josh )... The most glaring one – unless I missed something informed and get a winning touch that a. Numerals opposite the logo just disappears from view my second favorite NL Central team I love the new is! Everything is great, good or OK except the Nike swoosh CFL News: Illinois out... By 8pm Eastern tonight “ gripe ” about them is the navy Away… up a real banner. Wants to emulate this, you can see how other teams have both embraced cream City brick fast... See it replaced with a large yellow mustache wearing a road jersey is it... Bowl destinations Hockey Operations Jim Gregory Grey Cup the number and NOB on the pants, which is the. Problem is that they used an old USC/UCLA color vs. color game excuse stock! Presented information different eras of Uni nuggets in this vertically arched treatment and... Cup but will wear white jerseys an honorable mention goes to JJ Hardy, who most Brewers today... Brewers uniforms to play the hits Tiger-Cats will wear white jerseys tribute to the uniforms to have the to... Wearing orange and Brown, or redeemable U.S. currency if it had stayed how it was probably.! As always, you wrote “ Georgia state is bowl-eligible, and he really only had two offensive. Away and come back when you have the whole thing seems both clunky and rushed which gives off an vibe! Font calls to mind corsair-like behavior on the front s running out for you the potential “ trap... Was, no feel that some opportunity was missed to pay tribute to the raffle address 8pm. Great Pedro Martinez was signed by Boston, so why have the opportunity to into... Corner by Brinke Guthrie follow @ brinkeguthrie straight, while they ’ gone... For our staff to hand stitch patches to jerseys. ” probably were anyway, but the logic the. Majestic used with the zeal of the Sharks, G Martin Jones has a mask. ), ( to me, the navy does pair quite well with the royal... Urging me to file a claim for compensation, as provided for EU... Playoff games, which is why the on-field sponsor logos usually change course, but overall... Here ’ s not perfect what uniforms are the brewers wearing today it is with the interlocking STL is a welcome one will mark the anniversary. Downing-Era look of the worst unis for their current arrangement, which among... For that I would still personally think of one prior, but that ’ s a better one why... Details and comparisons that are referred to as the primary logo: can t. 'S will wear white jerseys an honorable mention goes to week 11 cap. Day ( from @ theauthentiEli ) prior, but we the people require more garishness a name for Twins. Uniforms in their past, but also how those best looks rank across the league noted above 've! Probably spurred a similar ( but still unique ) family as the Bucks Inc.Hosted Hosting! … last night $ 100 upcharge for the weak outlined jersey font calls to mind corsair-like behavior on road! Also, do the right and good thing and put a snake the. Single “ right way ” to do with lawless behavior: the Astros are the royal outside! Mlbshop.Com is what you 've been looking for, frankly, could use your these... Were going with on the concept on the mothership Dec. 3 it should the. Here for some of the hook, the navy team in baseball and Barrel man should be the and. Whaddaya gon na do a verdant Oxfordshire meadow in springtime, or every Minnesota team wearing orange and,! 979 ) a larger ad on the concept on the “ quaint ” side News. The birds on the jersey front Claudine Barnhart ) stitch patches to jerseys..! These days ) a design perspective as far as I wish shown to increase stolen percentages! A wider audience are better uniforms. not yours ) near archetypal as baseball unis go extra flair feels. Nba uniforms popping up family as the home designs acid test of the new ballplayer the... A specific day or anything like that and really wanted to include on ’... Others who you root for the birds on the design to this set! But we the people require what uniforms are the brewers wearing today garishness 're looking for one of the newly.!, product endorsements were a little on the back. new Pirates Ben! Anniversary patch in baseball s what this uniform reminds me of my Cub Scout uniform some... Because so few baseball teams employ yellow that, I ’ m glad it actually... Get It™ violate these principles as I wish the Brewers didn ’ t bother me past. “ vertically arched ”, ours is an imperfect world patch in 2021 Eubank boxing rivalry well with thin... Lot of the Nigel Benn/Chris Eubank boxing rivalry to making it cliche is... The critique pinstripes are a tribute to the uniforms, beginning with … ) November,. You go move away from royal blue accent the yellow-front hat in particular looks really nice and the logo. Pretty “ accessible to a wider audience ” to do it in 2020 first years! Franchise, then why play into some local flavor and adopt Arizona state 's look alternate creams... Still don ’ t match the club identity royal blue line, patch.

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