When expecting heavy snowfalls I dig a small trench around to collect the fall-off and delay its build-up on the walls. Keep sand and grit out of the pole segments. bags. It would be worth the manufacturer to consider using a. Good headroom lying down (at either end). The alloy pegs are a bit soft but they work-harden with a bit of hammering when There is a single vent above the main vestibule. Goondie 1 30D on a rainy November trip to Mt Feathertop. guys, the 2 vestibules and the 4 corners. Remove sand from zips with a small, stiff brush – an old toothbrush is perfect. It’s pretty impossible if you’re near the beach, but do try! You can pick it up and move it quickly if the wind shifts or you find you The quality of shade offered by small tent and tarp fabrics is poor. I pegs (about 330g). Nylon: the full, breathable nylon inner has DWR treatment for better insulation and protection from condensation. with a 210T 100 denier nylon PU bathtub floor, 3 X  9.1mm DAC The abrasive grains will cause increased wear to zips, poles and fabric, so clean out any sand before putting the tent away. Aluminium alloy hook pegs (130g) and 6 supplied guys with toggles. It might stop you getting a sunburn but a condensation-prone 3-season tent before the Goondie was released It has a tough floor, so it saves the weight of a groundsheet. This review is about the first release model. The main poles can be attached to the fly via velcro tabs. If I know a dump is expected I recommend digging out a trench around the fly big enough to collect the forecast snow load and stop it building up enough to restrict air flow. . In short, mould and mildew on your tent are not ideal… After every trip, hang your tent up (or pitch it – your call) in a warm, dry and preferably shady area until it is completely dry. Guy cord pockets on fly keep things tidy. I attached 2 supplied spare guys to the inner ceiling as The fly does For summer daytime chilling-out on the Main Range just put up the mesh inner and then rig a Tyvek tarp over to screen the high UV and heat. it is 2300mm long, 1000mm high and 700-800mm wide. A guy can be There is room to sit up and read or get dressed, a single door for entry and a storage hatch for your stove or boots. Flicking the pole up to snap it all together is great fun, but it damages the shock cord and fractures the segments. What else do you want? Possibly my coldest camp. Sil/nylon tarps are ineffective for cool shade. There are options for everyone: one-, two- and three-person versions, with styles to suit the gram conscious, the all-rounder and the dedicated snowbird. It sheds dry snow well and from inside it is difficult to determine if it is snowing at all. Made for the solo hiker, Goondie 1 breaks the lightweight mould by offering comfort and practicality without a massive weight penalty. The tent has coped easily with a 40cm dry overnight dump. One Planet seem to make ongoing alterations to the design without notification. (Depending on the size of your bath and tent, you may want to do the fly and inner separately.). This variant has an orange 30D polyester/PU fly (510g), 15D nylon inner (655g) Both options are finished with silicone and polyurethane coatings and fully seam sealed in the factory. have camped in a run-off zone. All our poles are supplied by DAC, the industry leader. do. Sunrise after a night at Wallace hut, BHP. New Fitzgerald Hut. 30D has performed well in many snow trips now. southern circuit of the High Plains in early July 2013 getting down to -7 degrees overnight, a dry trip to the Crinoline, a mis. sew on a few stitches between the zip tape and the inner seam and add a A minimum of 2 pegs is NYLON INNER: designed for warmth and all-round, four-season comfort. I usually take a small snow shovel for these trips as it helps to sculpt the bed shape and a foot trench near the door to stop kicking snow in, this also helps with putting boots on and getting out and also it collects cold air away from the The floor is tough so a groundsheet is not needed unless you expect to camp either on sharp The 15D fly brings weight down to 1960g. Produced by One Planet this video outlines their Goondie tent range, features and specifications enough room in the tent inner to store large ski boots in a sturdy plastic bag to If they do get dirty, clean them out with water and let them dry thoroughly before storage. Useful in wet. Fly with bathtub groundsheet setup is now available. # FAST AND LIGHT: FLY, POLES, TUB FOOTPRINT AND FOUR PEGS I ^ POLES NOT INCLUDED. These weather-resistant safe havens are designed with Australian conditions (and adventurers) in mind. I bought the Goondie with my own funds and I have no relationship with One Planet. You can also build wind breaks with snow walls or an igloo (it took me 4 sweaty hours on Mt St Phillack saddle years ago) but unless you are camped in an exposed windy site these just serve to restrict useful air flow that vents moist air from the inner. Highly visible safety colour orange (or sil/nylon green). Small poly tarps 172 X 110cm are 208g. tarp that rests on the tent as an annex with 2 sticks, trekking poles or skis as support at the front. It is best to store your tent loose in a cardboard box or mesh storage bag to increase air flow around the fabrics. The green 15D Sil/Nylon fly I find it hard to tell which is the wider end. I found Our Goondie tent series is the go-to for lightweight bushwalking expeditions. More than enough storage space for pack and gear. This keeps ventilation working for longer and requires less attention overnight. It is also useful for clearing snow buildup around the fly restricting ventilation. Inside Huts will usually offer you a seat out of the wind, a table and a wood stove to warm you and dry gear. ONE PLANET bushwalking tents are versatile in both size and purpose, with options from ultra lightweight to incredibly durable, with 1 person, 2 person or 3 person options. The solid inner helps boost air temperature a few degrees and that usually means achieving air temperature something around 0C inside the tent overnight in our snow conditions. High camp on the treeline in the Victorian Alps, 2017. This brings the weight down to 1680g, but has less UV resistance. Made from 75-denier, 5000 millimetre, PU-coated HT nylon, the bathtub construction is watertight, with high side walls to prevent splash back. This design feature is The poles, pegs and guys for the Goondie 1 and Goondie 2 are the same. If you have an early model Goondie, then I had one last snow camp with the Olympus and a cold night with Useful for cooking in sustained drizzle or light Goondie tents are easy to pitch, as can be seen in this video. I refit the hook and readjusted the fly to find I suddenly had way more room inside! also added 2 alloy hook pegs and a small Aluminium pole repair One Planet Goondie 1 30D Tent - Long Term Review In 2011 I was looking for a new tent to replace a 20 year old 3.5kg Olympus. cleaner. At the end of September 2011, I deployed it on the remaining High Plains snow in a solo snowshoe trip to Roper hut. The lightweight mould by offering comfort and practicality without a drop leaking in point pole connector adhesive on fly... Is the ultralight choice footprint underneath tarp fabrics is poor and flap loudly in wind like or... Still be damaged if a zip is stressed when only partially done up a. Of mesh inner and slept on soundly 2 trekking poles a sunburn but wo n't keep you cool unless breeze... In sustained drizzle or light snowfall, provide shade or shelter from mild winds
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