There is a handy service called Down Detector that finds and reports site related issues. When I asked the person about it, they said the same thing has been happening to them for other peoples’ posts like that too. "A small number of people had trouble loading News Feed content earlier today. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Numerous reports have come in from across the globe suggesting some Facebook users can't see any posts in their news feeds. In either case, the post would be unavailable when you click on the link. All comments containing links and certain keywords will be moderated before publication. Maybe, by the time you saw the notification and clicked on it, the content was deleted? To understand why posts are not be visible to everyone, we need to look at the options available when you create a new Facebook post — specifically what I’ll refer to as visibility. I’ve been using Facebook for a number of years and did not realize why sometimes posts are not available for me to see, or some that I share cannot be seen by my friends. The company didn't give a reason for the error, which means the solution was one of "wait and see," meaning if this happens again, it's best to hold tight. Those who are not your friends won’t get an error message; they simply won’t see the post. To be clear we’re not talking about Facebook settings. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Posts on Facebook Pages or public groups: Facebook Pages and public groups are public spaces. This mirrors an earlier problem Facebook faced a number of years ago, the details of which you can find below. An “unavailable” message can also happen when an original post is deleted. All my groups can be accessed. i have played with my privacy settings for an hour, Iam posting items from marketplace to my timeline and my girlfriend can see some but not all, they are all the same and settings haven’t changed, i even deleted the post and tried again, i do not understand?? It only happens with her pictures and nothing else. Not really looking for an answer here. EVERY TIME all I need to do is go to the post on Facebook and change the visibility to public. I’m pretty sure there’s a new FB bug where these types of “updated their status” posts are simply just always hidden. They can define the audience for each post as they see fit. If this is selected, only your friends will see this post, and no one else. In the example above, the post is public, indicated by the globe icon. Even at that, which I don’t see what picture you mean, she has not changed any settings. help me, I am having this “content not available” issue, but I am a friend of the one posting the picture, I’ve been tagged in it & everyone else can see it. Sometimes, people share embarrassing images or videos of themselves on Facebook or post a status that they feel isn’t right. Even when you share that photo — your own photo — it still retains the photo’s privacy. If it’s your post, you can change the visibility by clicking that icon. When see clicks on a direct link to the post it says the content is unavailable. He has it set to public, even tags me in it and in the comments. New York, The content remains unbiased and authentic. I wanted to share this with my friends. This is sadder than it should be right [now]," tweeted Darkbander. Facebook recommends that, if you want to boost a shared post, you create a new post with the original content and boost that post. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, When you create a post on Facebook, there are privacy settings that you can use to make sure that the content is viewable by only those whom you allow. Update 1 (2013): Facebook responded to TechRadar, confirming that there was a "No posts to show" glitch today. It is not just some posters that I can’t share publicly. In case of a Facebook page, the admin can set the page to private in which case, only followers who have been manually approved by the admin will be able to view the content while everyone else will get the error. Some people will see the comments and the photo; the rest only see the comments and a message about content unavailable. Sometimes, there are other factors at play, and you can try one of the solutions mentioned above. Sharing someone else’s post does not change who can see it. He currently divides his time between Guiding Tech and Tech Wiser. Nothing. If that happens I’m sure it’s for a complex variety of reasons that Facebook would never really enumerate. Sharing someone else’s post. And it’s really easy to overlook what you’re telling Facebook to do. Visit our corporate site. To check, simply refresh the page and see if the login screen pops up. Check Down Detector to make sure that everything is running on their end as intended. Facebook can also remove the posts The engagement is much less on this post that it should be so it appears that some people see it while others don’t. . When someone creates a page on Facebook, there is a way to set age restrictions. Their posts and comments won’t disappear from your page. If you found this article helpful, I'm sure you'll also love Confident Computing! wrote frustrated Facebook user Kristen Fraser on the support forums. Finally, he dropped out of college in the final year. In that case, you would see an error notifying you that the content is no longer available on Facebook. The user was banned for posting content that was questionable or unsuitable or violated Facebook’s policy. A C.A. Something about the security/visibility settings on that post prevent it from being seen by you — that’s all I can say. Many websites are blocked for Europeans. "I, of course, have friends. There was a problem. 3. Unfortunately I have no other explanation for what’s happening. I can see her videos, but I can’t see any of her pictures even from further back when I could see them. The Public icon has disappeared completely for ALL posters. She says she hadn’t touched the settings. Maybe, the issue is on their side? Actually as I understand it this is really the same thing. The user, himself/herself, deactivated the profile. 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While this usually doesn’t happen because it is in the interest of Facebook if you spend more time on their platform, sometimes, you may get logged out of Facebook involuntarily. I tagged my wife in a post and changed the privacy back and forth from public to friends only and she doesnt see the post, not even when viewing my profile.

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