//2007-11-18: Cheatchannel Cheats 2019-12-15 Starflight 2 keeps all the great gameplay of its predecessor, but makes everything bigger and better. everytime i try to run in dosbox it starts, but then says this game was not saved, then continue, then it just goes black and back to the c: screen on dosbox. You have to run the sf2.bat file to force it to start a new game. 2012-12-22 W Contact In short, if you love Starflight, Starflight 2 is simply a must-have. @Sad: It runs under Dosbox without any problems. A great sequel to the classic that spawned the entire space exploration/adventure genre, StarFlight 2 improves upon its predecessor in every respect, with better graphics and more of everything: star systems, alien races, and -- of course-- alien artifacts. StarFlight 2: Trade Routes of The Cloud Nebula (aka Starflight II) is a video game published in 1989 on DOS by Electronic Arts, Inc.. Some of these file may not be included in the game stores. document.writeln(""); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); any suggestions would be great, using win 7, Suettezoons Starflight 2 starts off almost 20 years after the first game with the same protagonist now in a different area of the galaxy. P  NEW Version CheatsBook DataBase 2015. This game is no longer abandonware, we won't put it back online. StarFlight 1 and 2 where games way ahead of its time especially for a game designed back in the mid to late 1980's. I've tried it many times with no luck. After you launch, you need to go to Navigation Officer -> Maneuver. 2013-02-10 online store guide Even with EGA graphics this game was a riot, aye times have changed and space sims came a long way from 25 years ago. DiAL033 2011-03-02 Be prepared to spend countless sleepless nights with this one :) Two thumbs up, way up! U  google_color_link = "003366"; Smells like a virus to me.... Treybigone google_color_border = "EEEEEE"; V  DOS version. google_ad_client = "pub-3860622805382969"; This file is a copyrighted work and posted to the UHS web site with permission. Welcome to my Starflight blog! K  Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny. This is from a fresh install, being run for the first time. A  Is it possible? This is Starflight 2 I'm playing. Manual available. primo It may not be as revolutionary as its venerable predecessor, but all the additions make it a worthy sequel in every respect, and a no less addictive game. Starflight 2 follows firmly into the footsteps of its predecessor. FAQ Q Starflight 2 Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula video walkthrough guide. Summary Short summary describing this game. Starflight 2 Part 01: Meet the new crew, similar to the old crew - Starflight 2 Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula video walkthrough by mysteriousjg. 1 point Pages: 1. 0 point 0 point. Screenshots from any help? -1 point  X  //-->, Spotlight N Download extras files Man, this is still my favorite computer game ever. More than 16400 old games to download for free! I'm new to this forum, most time in Internet I play blackjack but now I try to play blackjack here. I can only assume that the download contains a toasted copy of SF2. 2018-11-25 2013-07-24 Contribute You can read our 2013-06-27 Like Starflight, there's a fascinating plot that slowly builds to an exciting climax after a cliche start. Jagdag Bogotah The cowardly Spemin, barely an annoyance in the first game, have obtained several powerful new technologies making them a deadly threat to the continued freedom of your planet in the original sector. Starting in 1996 and ending in 2010, I was a game programmer for much of that time frame. 0 point. wtf STARFLIGHT 2. StarFlight 2: Trade Routes of The Cloud Nebula is available for a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. DOS version. I have a 1989 - DOS disk in the original pakaging [like a video disk holder - but flatter and wider and longer] w/ original Manual in Mint Condition and extra-ordinary science fiction sleeve/slick. The redistribution permissions listed in these hints refer to the original downloadable UHS file, and not to the on-line HTML version. G  1 point About The plot continues where Starflight left off: the Spemins, the weak underlings when we last met them, are now a superpower race bent on conquering the universe. chilllyo M  2019-03-27 J  DOS version.  O  T  Starflight 2 Cheats Starflight 2 Cheat Codes: ------------ If one often Leghk Battle Jumper gropes in Starflight 2 with the final fight against the Uhls 117/152 (planet 2) during the entrance into the Encounter (F9) presses, one can leave the combat happening and go directly into the orbit around the planet. justin CheatBook DataBase 2015  R  2013-07-24 google_ad_format = "468x15_0ads_al_s";  C  Dangerous_Dave How to play. 2001-2015 Cheatchannel.com | Privacy | Message Boards. document.writeln(""). How is it that the manual is 38 times the file size of the game itself? E . I do hope that the indev Starflight 3 can live up to this. Sad Additional features such as time travel makes the gameplay even more varied than it was in the first game. var cpmstar_rnd=Math.round(Math.random()*999999); var cpmstar_rnd=Math.round(Math.random()*999999); Advance, Gameboy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, XBox, XBox 360, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo) easily accessible from one central location. DOS version, I cannot get this to work on d-fend. © But taking the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy is definitely not a bad thing in this case. It's not letting me proceed at all. DOS version. I still remember that feeling of icy panic when you'd find your little trading vessel surrounded by gigantic Spemin battlecruisers which outclassed you in every way. google_color_bg = "EEEEEE"; Many aspects of the game were vastly enhanced: the game’s diplomacy, the size of the galaxy, and the number of alien races you can interact with are all improved the second time out. Allow me to start off by giving you a little background about me. Then it works fine. The Spemin were wonderful antagonists; arrogant cosmic xenophobes, much like the Daleks - even down to their fondness for pluralities of rod-mounted discs. DOS version. I'm using the information provided by gog in the file details (the starmap pdf file). Comes up as Street Fighter 2 oddly enough!? DOS version. Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong. google_ad_width = 468; S  Starflight 2 Cheats Starflight 2 Cheat Codes: ------------ If one often Leghk Battle Jumper gropes in Starflight 2 with the final fight against the Uhls 117/152 (planet 2) during the entrance into the Encounter (F9) presses, one can leave the combat happening and go directly into the orbit around the planet.  I  Starflight 2 is a space exploration game involving a customizable crew roaming the galaxy in order to combat a threat from a powerful alien race. Share your gamer memories, give useful links or comment anything you'd like. Don't miss the best resources for Starflight I and II on starflt.com ! google_ad_channel = "9833860674"; 2016-08-03 Z var cpmstar_pid=954; I believe there were even 2 sequels made recently. 1 point The first company I worked for was Bethesda Softworks. For StarFlight 2: Trade Routes of The Cloud Nebula, we have the following files: StarFlight 2: Trade Routes of The Cloud Nebula was also released on the following systems: Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games: Terms  F  var cpmstar_pid=952; -4 points 0 point. google_ad_height = 15; Starflight 2 was a great game in its own right, and a worthy sequel, but didn't necessarily have the same "magic" that was present in the first (depending on your point of view). Dangerous_Dave L  Hi! google_color_url = "003366"; [For purposes of this discussion, I'm mostly limiting it to the PC version of Starflight 1. B -2 points, We need it on Android yall .. Preferably as a Snes of Genesis rom ! Useful links It's a role-playing (rpg) and simulation game, set in a real-time, sci-fi / futuristic, trade and space flight themes, and was also released on Mac and Amiga. MobyGames.com, Alyfox  #,