Lee Seong-gye makes preparations to head for the capital, and Bang-won insists (and pouts and pouts) that he be allowed to go too, whining that all his big brothers have been but he’s always left behind. Lee In-gyeom feigns total ignorance about this, as well as the charge that he’s holding women here against their will. As it happens, Bang-won and his entourage walk by then, sticking out like well-dressed sore thumbs, gawking at curios in the marketplace like obvious tourists. Confucianism I doubt they're going to problematize the Ming too much). As he had taken an arrow to the heart, Jo So-saeng had asked, “What has Goryeo done for your family? Why does he need to hide the fact that he betrayed/killed his commander in the borderlands when everyone in Goryeo knows him as a traitor, and in fact he gained a spot in Goryeo's military in exchange for his and his father's betrayal? Lee In-gyeom assures him that only the two of them know. Can't believe you're recapping this since it's a very long drama. Young-kyu swiftly draws his sword against him and a fierce clash ensues, although the bodyguard manages to snatch the incriminating letter and run away. “We must stop war,” he says. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. Connect with Facebook He and his family were of Goryeo descent. I can't help but notice that Yoo Ah In has an aura that fills up the whole screen, even when playing a young man in simple clothing. Great casting of the kids.. You kidnap mothers to breastfeed piglets while killing the human babies in the process? version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Correction: Lee Seong-gye would of been the great-great-grandfather. I think King Woo/Choi Young's plan to attack the Ming was about retaining Goryeo's independence from the Ming (whether that was realistic or not is another matter). The children scatter, but while Boon-yi and Ddang-sae manage to escape to a storeroom, Bang-won is caught and brought before Lee In-gyeom. In Queen Seon Deok, Deokman should have been old enough to be Kim Yushin and Bidam's grandma, and Mishil died when Deokman was 12, if she was even a real person--some accounts dispute that.) (We’re probably in the 1380s or thereabouts.) FB.init({ For Hye Sung's sake I would watch this episode! If errors re-appear then report to us. I guess this will be my first 50 episode saeguk! Bang-won glares at the old man, who recognizes him from the day before and chuckles. Yes!!!!! Also excited to see Yoon Kyun-sang's take on Moo-hyul, my favorite character from TWDR! (well not really, because we've seen dramas where talent was wasted). No....Lee Seong-gye would be the great-grandfather to Moon Che Won's character. Connect with Facebook I had a good giggle at the armor in that flashback, too. Atom TWDR is based on a novel. She was great in Superdaddy Yeol (though I was tearing my hair out watching that drama). I don't really like historical dramas but I watch them sometimes when I like/love the cast. Thank you! Though I've been "hooked" by a few before that didn't manage to keep me hooked until the end, so we'll see how this one does. Kim Myung-min only had less than ten minutes of screen time, but it was more than enough to make me fall in love with him all over again. Oh god, why did i decide to watch the first episode? As a first episode, I thought this was pretty good. Really liking this so far. I'm not a huge fan of sageuks, but maybe this one will change that. Her grandfather would of been King Sejong. These are famous people in history and it just feels wrong to shorten them to “Seong-gye” and “Do-jeon,” so we’re preserving the full names. Just finished the first two episodes of Sassy Go Go (and I shall wait for your reviews on that lol)...can't wait to start on this, glad to know there is background information I can refer to while lost (which I know I definitely will be)...thank you!! Lee Seong-gye is still living in the country at Hamju (where his father died around 1960-ish). It certainly wasn't about a desire to continue ties with the defunct Yuan Empire. A better lead is the tattoo he saw on the arm of their mother’s captor. It felt more like a fantasy or horror story than historical. From a distance, a stone-faced archer shoots a flat-tipped arrow into the fight, knocking out the target. Gil Tae Mi and his eye shadows really cracked me up :D. This is unexpected! he's so talented! SSK improving doesn't mean much, cos it was from such a low base, plus GWSS was a rom-com that didn't demand much of her. Bang-won throws the piglet off his plate to the ground, and Lee Seong-gye sits stone-faced as the entertainment continues. Dear valued customer, Lol at Lord of the Pigs and that one drag-queen. It will be interesting to see how they treat Goryeo/Joseon becoming a vassal state of the Ming. “The First Dragon: Lee Seong-gye, Joseon’s founder.”, Considering how we’re only one-fiftieth of the way through this drama’s run, it feels pretty premature to be making any big decisions about it, and we can hardly make any guarantees so early on. I like all 3 dramas so I hope they don't turn boring, cliché, or uninteresting in the end. He joins the younger two, and is greeted enthusiastically by Bang-won, his son, who can’t wait to brag about how he caught the man. Why is it now that you are joining politics? Finally! js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Even I, who love K-dramas would do the same thing. Lee Bang-won attacked Jung Do-jeon’s side, killing him as well as the heir. The disillusionment must be quite a shaping force, I expect. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page The Shepherd tells his Red Wolf to surrender or die…. Are you going to continue recapping this? Just because it's about King Sejong doesn't mean is historically correct. Then, he’s grabbed by an unseen figure. Ppl have said that she has improved a lot in Girl who sees smells. So glad you're recapping this! It’s been a while since we had all three broadcasters premiering new dramas on the same day, so I was curious to see how the ratings battle would shake out. Isn't it Tree WITH Deep Roots? Can we get a cameo of all of them in the end? But the kids are cute (good casting there). Jung Do-jeon swipes food from a peddler, and when confronted, he admits it with a sheepish grin and promises to repay the man later. Fingers crossed.. would love to hang on all the way with everyone here on dramabeans!! (function(d, s, id) { I don't think they are going to follow the historical timeline here. All the numbers ticked upward for their second episodes, but the rankings remained the same. But you cast Yoo Ah-in and give him puppy-dog eyes as an idealistic child, and, well, I’m curious to see how you’re going to reframe the story of Taejong. }); I decided to read the recaps for the first few episodes before actually watching the episodes. His friendship with Jo So-saeng, Dad declares, is trifling compared to what this could mean for them. Or how he’s so righteous at the outset, and convinced that merely telling his father about an injustice will be enough to set all to rights. is that the kid from Pinocchio? One look at the seal makes his eyes widen—that’s the mark on his mother’s captor. But anyway, the main problem for me is I feel like they're manipulating history to put a dishonest spin on things. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Furthermore, there’s the whole part where Taejong banished, attacked, and/or trampled over his brothers to claim the throne. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Se suits those a lot, so don't worry too much! Can't wait to watch this! Lee Bang-won later became the third king of Joseon, Taejong, and is remembered for a rather bloody rise to power, which included battling his brothers and killing many of his potential political rivals. They all served Yuan at some point to gain power. They’ve come to Gaegyeong in search of their kidnapped mother, and while it’s a daunting task, oppa Ddang-sae plans to search for clues by finding people who know the song their mother sang the day she was taken. (Remember them, they’re two of our six dragons.) (who the heck came up with that?). ( Lee Seong-gye agrees to defeat Lee In-gyeom and stop war, and vows that he has never lost in battle. Download the latest version here. Thank you so much for this recap; it gives me a sort of 'hand-up' before viewing the first episode. Gack, so you’re kidnapping poor women and forcing them to breastfeed pigs just so you can have delicious meat to eat? (On the other hand, we’ll refer to Lee Bang-won as Bang-won, because the other characters call him that.). For instance, Bang-won looking up to his father as both a war hero and his personal hero, and declaring that he’ll be just like him in punishing betrayers. Marks just like the slack-jawed, wide-eyed Bang-won and his guard-sidekick Young-kyu, dressed up in their best clothes so the city folk won’t look down on them. I believe they started filming 4 months ahead around June so it should wrap up right before he leaves. A more ingenuous approach would make it a question of resistance against Chinese imperialism, but since this drama is probably going to be all eff yeah! Anyway, maybe I'm too wedded to the timeline presented in Shin Don, but shouldn't Lee Seong-gye have long since gotten into bed with Choi Young and the military by now, giving him the kind of authority/latitude to betray them down the road? I thought she was quite good as So Yi in Tree and that was my first time seeing her in anything. Jo So-saeng had noted bitterly, “I did not raise a younger brother, but a dog.” He had called Lee Seong-gye’s lineage a family of dogs who bite their owners. I'm definitely curious as to how they're going to shape the character of Bang Won. lol I was really weirded out by the whole pig thing too. He did rule strongly and effectively for eighteen years, and was father to King Sejong, considered the greatest king in Korean history. I especially love the intro of the first dragon at the end of the episode. Very surreal. But Lee In-gyeom is a shrewd old codger, and he understands that you can neutralize a threat by either winning them to your side by fulfilling their ambitions, or by cowing them by utilizing their fears against them. Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. Young-kyu chases, and the urchin crew joins in on the hunt. Please report us immediately (with short video or screenshot) when you see these ads.

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