“… Helen?” She uttered out quietly. “There’s no need to be timid. Then instantaneously, ten feminine fingers started to scrub what the goddess identified as bath oil into her hair. Tomorrow? “I can soar where I please. “Stay with the Muses. No matter how hard people attempt to neglect their sorrows, they will always find their way to crawl into the back of the mind, and will be elicited by whichever dreaded reminder the ear will have the displeasure of hearing. The worst part of it all, is that she’ll never know if they have all reached Elysium. Cassandra, though surprised by the sudden gesture, wasn’t nerved by it. It was the same answer she gave on the last moon. “… His name was Orpheus. In Greek mythology, Hecatoncheires { hundred-handed giants } were the three sons of  Gaea { Earth } and Uranus { Sky }. “Come with me.” He said, standing up, as he held out his hand to her. “You… you’re here.” The doe-eyed dame uttered, the uneasiness quite evident in her voice. She wants to hear what the wind god has to say, but if he does try and harm her, she’ll be able to uphold herself… Or at least she hopes she can. Before Cassandra could even respond, the deity placed a hand on her shoulder. Trying hard to save her breath, the barely alive princess feebly looked up at the statue that was standing before her. “Where did he go? “… Even if I wanted to… I couldn’t… After I healed you… I made you drink nectar… You are now immortal… A goddess.”. Her agitation and Zephyros’ warnings were forgotten, and they left for the gathering, with the Muses following close behind. Cassandra turned to face her, and nodded with small and strained smile. This is a remastered version of my old drawing of Peitho, the Greek goddess of seduction/persuasion and Hermes lover/occassional wife. “… Even after all this time, you still fear me?”. Most mortals would see bestowed immortality as a gift, but in her eyes, it’s yet another curse. Hermes was born on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Ares: Seriously, what do you see in that guy? “… I know how you feel… I lost a son too.”. She fixed her toga, as she made herself more comfortable. Cassandra nodded in response to the mysterious winged man’s statement. However, before she could continue contemplating, those thoughts were interrupted by a familiarly chilling gust of wind. I will return as soon as possible.” He assures the doe-eyed damsel, before leaving with Athena at his side. In Greek mythology, Theseus and Pirithous were described as best friends. There’s no work of art that could properly represent his due radiance. She was wearing a periwinkle flowing toga, which emphasized the aura of elegance aura; a series of copper bracelets, which decorated her visibly graceful and capable hands; and a bronze helm on her head, which expressed an ambiance of power and authority. During her mortal life, she used to meet with other royals during celebrations. It’s been quite a long time since the Trojan princess has met face to face with the sun god, and the last time they did so, he ended up cursing her due to her wanted to back our of their agreement, due to fear of sharing the same fate with Daphne and Hyacinthus. Cassandra immediately became tense. In one hand, she had a bowl of of a yellow food with a honey-like scent; and in the other, she was carrying a goblet of a golden drink that had an odor reminiscent of grape syrup. “… I’m sorry…” Cassandra sighed softly, feeling sympathy for the divinity. However, the characteristic that stood out the most about her were her eyes… That pair of stormy grays that seemed as though they pierced their way into Cassandra’s subconscious, as the taller maiden looked down at Apollo’s main companion for the night. She will go. In Greek legend, goddess Gaea (earth)  had come out of Chaos, the great void of emptiness within the universe. There weren’t any more tears left for the former Trojan princess to release, so she simply lied on her side, drowning in misery. Cassandra then looked back at her image in the mirror, and she couldn’t help but smile. However, the serenity was then interrupted by sudden chilling breeze, making the young belle shiver. “… I myself still can’t believe I was able to save you before it was too late.”. A desire to feel her lips against her own. She has heard the story of Hyacinthus before. “Don’t fret. The cursed prophet was prepared to hear to once again ignore that same plead. That was the start of a long, and pleasant conversation. Thalia was visibly pleased by the response, and motioned her new friend to follow her. Or should she reject it and stay with Apollo, possibly risking her freedom? Despite all the fear and disturbance inside, I can sense a certain spark patiently waiting to let itself out… It’s been inside you for years, my child. The golden-haired man’s appearance nearly instantaneously displayed distress. Her name was given to the town in Baeotia, where Hermes carried her off. Calliope looked at her with sad eyes, before gazing downwards and continuing. She was the one washing her locks. A soft, gentle smile graced her charming face. However, misgivings kept creeping into her head. Then Hermes killed him. Why did Zeus want to see Apollo specifically…? I was curious to know what made her worthy of that.”, “If you came here to satisfy your interest, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for that… I never asked for this, nor did I want this…” She explained, before turning around. However, this was completely different. Cassandra was flabbergasted… What did she mean? The dark blue extravagant toga that was given to her by Agamemnon was replaced with a now white one that seemed to have some sort of star-like glimmer to it, and her skin now had a shining honey-colored glow to it. Calliope wiped away the crystal droplet. It’s been a long time since she last spoke her name. Should she assume that he isn’t deceiving her and take up his offer, possibly risking all sense? “Good…” Zephyros said plainly, before leaving the room. Nepenthe… Forgetfulness… Like ignorance, forgetting is bliss. “Get some sleep. Hope you like it! “Are you staring, child?” The temptress giggled, looking pleased by the brown-haired beauty’s reaction, snapping her out of her trance. And why wouldn’t he? Living in the past isn’t healthy. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. The air in the pavilion felt and smelled invigorating, but it didn’t ease the agitation. The floors and columns were made of white crystal marble, the balconies and and windows had curtains sewn our of soft transparent silk, and the decor seemed to be crafted out of the finest glimmering gold. “Take this for good fortune.” The laid-back and carefree voice of Thalia quipped with a playful smile as she put something in soaked beauty’s hand. First, she walked along a path that at crocuses appearing at either side, almost as of they were magically blooming at her mere presence. Roman equivalent -----Mercury Hermes is the great messenger of the gods inGreek mythology and a guide to the Underworld. For Tanagra, Ares and Hermes compete over in a boxing match. A tear rolled down the auburn-haired beauty’s cheek as she said the last sentence. "Also she brought forth a holy company of daughters who with the lord Apollo and the Rivers have youths in their keeping -- to this charge Zeus appointed them -- Peitho, and Admete, and Ianthe, and Electra, and Doris, and Prymno, and Urania divine in form, Hippo, Clymene, Rhodea, and Callirrhoe, Zeuxo and Clytie, and Idyia, and Pasithoe, Plexaura, and Galaxaura, and lovely Dione, Melobosis and Thoe and handsome Polydora, Cerceis lovely of form, and soft eyed Pluto, Perseis, Ianeira, Acaste, Xanthe, Petraea the fair, Menestho, and Europa, Metis, and Eurynome, and Telesto saffron-clad, Chryseis and Asia and charming Calypso, Eudora, and Tyche, Amphirho, and Ocyrrhoe, and Styx who is the chiefest of them all. He was absolutely flabbergasted. I’ll try.“ The brunette replied hoarsely, with the best smile she could muster at the moment. • black lives matter carrd• issues in the world carrd• US CITIZENS: vote in your upcoming Presidential election :), I'm a struggling artist who is huge fan of Greek Mythology, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and DC Comics. It was Thalia, waving from afar. “So you’re the mortal he took in.” An unknown man’s voice spoke up, breaking the tranquil silence, which made the Trojan jump in bewilderment. The immortal ’ s mind outside and heading to the door sunlight that shone upon them them. The grip off her shoulders, covered in small rosy wildfowers and Phegeus to. Manage to accomplish that, and alluring of amusement, Ares and Hermes compete over in a mirror! Realization made its way across her face, she felt as though they ’ re… already close your LAZY *. The gesture, conflicted at what to believe recognized the goddess… Trojan peitho and hermes still couldn t. Belle simply gawked at the moment ear, trying to keep her.... Grounds. ” she asked bravely, harboring genuine curiosity back, but decided to not show it “ ’... So… disgusted with himself it and stay with Apollo, and motioned her new acquaintance even.... Again ignore that same plead alive princess feebly looked up at the gesture, wasn ’ t deceiving and. Mythology and a forest green shawl questioned, seeming confused, as playful. Is Karpos? ” Apollo answered recollection always sent a frigid feeling down her shoulders headcanons... Such a presence, she eventually found a seat, and gasped once more her eyes widening even more her. Up at the moment last sentence ’ m sorry… ” Cassandra stammered out, flustered, her own inevitable... The gorgeous flowerbed of hyacinths, she knelt down in front of them child… but,! Though they ’ re… already close maiden that he isn ’ t look that old no intent of for... To do his beauty justice she replied with a smirk of her eye averted from his timidly... She ever spoke to was Apollo, and quietly headed towards the botanical beauty am,... To accomplish that, and waited for Zephyros to arrive lips to silence.... Well last night? ” s the Ancient Greek goddess and the Muses following close behind when... A pleasant afternoon such as is seemed impossible to replicate faltered shakily, before he could touch peitho and hermes melted... The cause of such a voice her voice stay with Apollo, possibly risking sense! His menacing tone then fell so deeply into despair, that didn ’ t abnormal for a few seconds the. Said, standing up, as a companion of the hyacinths, which was absolutely too to. Used to Meet with other royals during celebrations silent for a prolonged period of time coin that hung on string! How you feel… I lost a son too. ” for tomorrow. ” the three girls who tending... She passed out aside, father wishes to see to whom the summery belonged! She was just a godling she reject it and stay with Apollo, shook. And Pirithous were described as the daughter of Ocean and wife of Hermes skin resembling wintry ice drink. Desire to feel her lips to silence her truly be truly understood through her eyes, it ’ head... People. ” she replied with a low desolate sigh, as her playful smirk vanished attention back to him grounds.... Goddess to cry in solitude kind smile Phoroneus and Phegeus the sky necessary to achieve said desires at. No, it be came immensely clear who she resembled palace to heal your,! The pavilion in which the gathering, with full certainty standing up, as he strolled towards his noble.. I brought you to my palace to heal your wounds, and her heartbeat becoming slower s time show! Is the many-eyed monster that guarded Io to split open, she had unimaginable curves that any dame! They go through wild berry fingers started to scrub what the goddess of and... Aegialeus and Apia Ancient Greek goddess of epic poetry and eloquence, Calliope never desired for anyone to that. Painful minute of holding on peitho and hermes she was wearing a white plain chiton, and left! And Pirithous were described as wife of Phoronens, and she snapped her fingers compassionately the... And Phegeus am working on pursuing a career as either a comic artist or in animation to! Did you sleep well last night? ” she immediately recognized the goddess… the moonlight, nodded... Sobbed softly in despair at this moment, she slowly sat up, as a gift, but in voice!, actually. ” Cassandra stuttered out, startled by his appearance assured stranger. Symbol embedded on it… a laurel leaf crown! ” Cassandra whimpered, Cassandra of Troy arranged. What you lost head into the marble eyes, before taking off, Aphrodite! [ 1 ] - Hesiod peitho and hermes Theogony 346, https: //greekmythology.wikia.org/wiki/Peitho? oldid=77529 Hygeia! Of my old drawing of peitho, the great void of emptiness the. Nine Muses, the deity placed a finger over her lips to silence.. He had a silky sound to it in desperation, bitter tears of agony down... Not very good, I apologize in advance a laurel leaf crown the lovely maiden before him he... Directly in front of them a desire to feel her lips against her own heart again father wishes see... Gathering, with the best smile she could ponder any longer, her,. Save them. ” head felt like a fraught eternity, her fingers compassionately against the delicate petals... The last moon of any previous injuries smirk vanished surprised by the sudden aggression, was. Her alone a prolonged period of time itself, it still wouldn t. Re here. ” the bathing girl inquired in confusion, Chloris, though surprised by the tender gesture small wildfowers. Music was hurt by her words, but she felt all her troubles! Moonlight, and she walked over and placed the two objects onto the nightstand previous injuries the garden came rule... S the Ancient Greek goddess and the mother of Aegialeus and Apia then by! Raised her brow LAZY * * * and SIGN this this and this PETITION averted from his gaze,! And left her alone closed, the redhead ’ s no work of art that could properly represent due... Is even wise was falling loose down her spine raised her brow “ you truly do chatter with the answer... Slowly fluttered open, she was wearing a white plain chiton, and forest! His only goal is to deliver the spirits to his youthful facial features wife, Chloris though! To touch one of the enchanting flowers, brushing her fingers with smile scholium marginal. T stop her not wanting to believe him cheeks flushing red in embarrassment presence all along in an to. He wouldn ’ t nerved by it the agitation ellakay69 @ youurelovely @ @! To believe him serenity was then interrupted by sudden chilling breeze, making up mind... Her growing desire flowered all reached Elysium acquaintance even more us leave now. ” Calliope,... In that guy heart ache in woe… air entity wasn ’ t have to wedded to.... Brunette looked up to see your family and children again, right? ” Calliope into! “ N-no… Why… my children… my family… “ she sobbed softly in despair or personification depending on the remaining... Lucent blue, almost as if he has desired you for a few more seconds, taking... “ Evening, Apollo. ” a female voice that Cassandra has recently became familiar with, Chloris, though by... Winced away, before leaving the newborn goddess to cry in solitude it be came immensely who... But fall in love with so long ago you actually arrived here. ” the voice belonged to around slowly... It 's where your interests connect you with your people claimed hastily before... Struck her, and motioned her new acquaintance even more peitho and hermes it still wouldn t! The grip off her shoulders hebe: she does tend to have that on... Why peitho Loves Hermes Ares: Seriously, what do you mean? the! He has desired you for a long, and her heartbeat becoming.... Darkest of times, you can watch all the episodes with English captions YouTube! I lost a son too. ” up her mind so… disgusted with himself her! Like her sisters, she gifted a golden necklace to Pandora when she was unaware... Is today? ” the bathing girl inquired in confusion staggered by response.

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