My husband just brought home a 7 week old Jindo. They respond well to any command given, but only by me. So,I guess I could be considered experienced? Their prey drive or fear of strangers can get the better of them out in the open. How dare you say that Jindos are a terrible breed. I don't know how many times my dog tried to bring me her special "presents." She cowers when you move to pat her, even though she will relax after a moment, and often even ask for pats, only to act suspicious when you first go to do it You can arrange your own before you make a commitment if they don’t (i.e. I rescued a homeless purebred Jindo in Alaska in 2013. It took me 3 long cold months of walks totaling 35 to 40 hours per week to finally get him. I have 2 white Jindo’s from South Korea where we were stationed. Is the difference between the Jindo and the other breeds just an artificial, imagined separation, not based on real differences in the dogs themselves? Accessed 2019. Mind though that Jindo sheds like crazy so if there's allergy present or if you think the place needs to be spotless then reconsider. A Jindo can never be offleash. They have a thick undercoat and yes, it will shed I am afraid. While the Doge meme might be relatively novel and still kind of funny, the Shiba Inu breed is very, very old — experts have dated the Shiba's DNA to the 3rd century BC. There is a small island just off the Southwest coast of South Korea, called Jindo. Any thoughts or experiences to a similar situation (that's not prong collar or tight leash walking related) would be much appreciated! I have a GSD, my husband has 2 Maltese… and still my jindo boy is my prize. They have very strong problem-solving capabilities, and if left in a backyard 24/7 will find a way to entertain themselves and escape. He was feral for 3 years. Shiba Corgi Corgi Shiba Inu mix : Breed Type : Purebred : Purebred : Cross Breed : AKC Group : Not recognized by the American Kennel Club. I do not mean this comment as an attack whatsoever but it sounds like a cat would be better for y’all. My dog seems smart in a really creepy way. but remains aloof. Allergies are usually treated with a combination of therapies as one medication alone doesn’t do the trick. Hi! Hi! The population is not very large, particularly outside of South Korea. Not the most affectionate and don't like to sit on your lap but does enjoy occasional pets. They are also a very easy going and calm dog. He was a scared, obviously scarred by his past. Our readers’ most popular and frequently asked questions about the Korean Jindo. Do Jindo's have sub species or this would be the result of a mix? And that doppelganger might not even be another Shiba Inu but a Korean Jindo. Jindos are not yet considered “official” by the UK Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club even though Korean emigrants have brought Jindos with them to other countries for decades, including the US and the UK. We just placed bricks in the gaps of our fences and filled up the holes with dirt in the summer. I love this little one to bits. I'm also currently 6 months pregnant (something I found out after rescuing my pup). Korean Jindo's a terrible breed? Perhaps only terrible if the expectations of the owner about what a dog should be don't match up with reality. They are both a year old. Jindos are known for their hunting abilities. Apparently a Korean guy came up to him and was very excited about Tierce. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, June 22, 2019 By Jessica Everitt 9 Comments. I rescued my Jindo while living in Korea and he has been my faithful companion ever since. Instead, they do best with regular leashed walks or with supervised play inside a fenced yard. It took a LONG time to get her to stop. What??? We've had him 5 years. Discuss and post pictures of Jindos! Having to walk him at least twice a day for 30+ minutes, gives me another reason to stay active during my pregnancy. Tammy's Pros and Cons to Being a Jindo Owner. I was familiar with the breed having lived with one previously. We rescued a male Jindo (5 months old) from Korea in July 2019, he is black with the white patches on the front of the paws and chess. He was found in a high-kill shelter in LA by an Akita rescue organization We have a rescued Jindo from Korea. Maybe the not running around and not really needing affection is just the breed. 13/14 years old and has been amazing in every way. When we first got him, his reactions to affection made me wonder if he had been abused, ducking his head to avoid your hand, etc. Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu, which was bred to hunt for rabbits and other small mammals hiding in the undergrowth is compact, muscular, and has a tapered skull. I have a jindo-husky who we adopted as a puppy. Broward FL Shiba Needs More Help Than Another Shiba In The Same Circumstances, Japanese Communications Ad Misses the Mark. He is becoming more and more social every day because we go to the dog park. Thanks for visiting! They are strong willed too sometimes, but again that passes, with the right commands I believe that if you give a dog love, patience, time, security and consistency, and treat it with the respect it deserves then you get dogs who are amazing like my two are. I have a very similar scenario to you! They are aloof with strangers. Although he’s a good boy when he wants to be, I did put him in an obedience training program for a year due to his insistence of always challenging authority (aka me or my husband). For those with an untrained eye, placing these two breeds side by side will result in a lot of confusion, because both breeds carry many of the same characteristics. They follow me everywhere and love car rides because they mean adventure. Should we leave her in a dog pen or just free to roam in a room? I’ve read where Jindos can learn as many as 500 words. Prevalent problem mix among white Jindos. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Sometimes it sounds like loose flem, other times it's just a dry gag, but nothing ever comes out either way. They're beautiful! If you get one, please post and let me know! She's very intelligent and has beautiful manners. Needless to say, I keep her on a leash around other animals. And as an added bonus, adoption is often cheaper than getting a puppy from a breeder. They are very intelligent, for sure. The Bichon will never relinquish being alpha. But still Jindos have very strong pack hierarchy instincts. Korean Jindo Husky Mix. You may have to check with multi-breed rescues organizations as well. This is something that has been stressing me out for months any reply would be helpful! Jindos in general have crazy wanderlust and prey drive. Which means no 2-4 hours a day does not work. I have a Jindo 13 yrsold the best you can have,she is still beautiful!!! In 1962, the Government of South Korea named the Jindo a natural treasure and made it incredibly hard to export purebred Jindo from beyond Korea. trying to train her to pay attention when were walking so that she stays by me and listens is very challenging as she's not food motivated she's more motivated by sniffing.she has been a very very big challenge for me and a very big source of frustration as well as has cost me a lot to keep her safe and out of the neighbors yards. The are two body types of the Jindo breed—the Tonggol/Gyupgae and the Hudu/Heutgae. I tell everyone who is around my dog not to ever grab him by the collar. Or do you think its hunting instincts and wariness of strangers won't allow it? Early detection is key to slowing the progression and keeping your pet comfortable.

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