On the other hand, the Sun reversed might be indicative that you are being unrealistic. She did not slay the beast to get him to be docile; she compassionately came to understand him. You may find that people are not listening to others, and everyone is working for themselves. Your untamable lower nature can lead to egocentric and tyrannical attitudes. Do not lose hope. You now understand your fantasies and desires. Sometimes the lion can indicate an abstract problem or a project. You are committed to what you need to do, and you go about it in a way that shows your composure and maturity. There could be difficult personalities in the mix that require you to be careful how you give feedback or instructions. As we saw in The High Priestess Tarot card, 2 represents polarity and balance. When it comes to the High Priestess reversed, it can mean that you are finding it difficult to listen to your intuition. In your social life, it can manifest in the overreach of power from a father figure or a possessive partner. Everywhere else, you’ll typically find a numbering system that corresponds to Marseille and historical decks that pre-date Rider-Waite-Smith. When the King of Cups falters, his usual ability to handle situations with compassion and wisdom are turned upside down. In this case, you should think about the benefits of the moves, instead of the drawbacks. It is not always easy being in a relationship, and often times we want to walk away out of frustration. When we move ahead, we must be sure if our spiritual self is contended. However, this is a situation that needs to change since this could be your self-created restriction to prevent you from attaining the new heights you need to grow. Remember all that you fought for to be here, and think carefully on whether you truly believe that is worth giving up now. If you don’t have recourse in this situation, you may need to start looking for a way to cope -or a way to leave. The Spiritual quest is a never-ending process. You are seeing that the suffering and grief that you endured gave you strength and imbued you with resilience. The reversed Strength card is your invitation to take stock and restore your energy levels by resting and withdrawing for a temporary period. In career readings, it could be coming from a superior. Maybe you were too direct or even too passive. When it's associated with this card, you must understand that these are due to external influences that you cannot control. The real meaning of the Temperance card can be deciphered using the other cards in the spread to identify areas where this imbalance is being caused. You may be trying to compensate for something that you don t have total control over - this might lead to pessimism and loss of self-esteem. This is especially true if you have not started on your long term goals or have become overwhelmed by the tasks that you face now, or will have to face soon. You may be sluggish, particularly if you have been dedicating yourself to serving others or have been pushing hard to achieve a goal. Learn about the reversed Strength tarot card with Horoscope.com! If this is perceived weakness stemming from a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, know that you are worthy to live a happy and healthy life. It can suggest firstly a need to change your approach - the tactics you've been using are not working. To see this card will also be a reminder to stick to your rational side - to balance your occasionally chaotic electricity with clear though, and you will be greater successful. Also, watch out for others trying to keep you feeling small. On the other hand, this page may be someone of empty words or promises - who though loves talking, does not really talk about much of substance. Some of the more common interpretations of this card are courage, control over one’s lower nature, compassion, and tolerance. The reversed Three of Swords card is here to will let you realize that all hard moments pass - they are not there to stay, and whilst we fall, we will also upward thrust again. The appearance of this Card of Strength and grit symbolises that you would need a deep inner strength, a truly powerful will and might also need to use your outer strength to steer through the events. When Strength appears in the reversed position, it can represent weakness, insecurity, inconstancy, or indifference. Upright keyword meanings: Radiant health, inner strength, fortitude, courage, bravery and compassion, Reversed keyword meanings: Self-doubt, weakness, lack of confidence, vulnerability, insecurity and anxiety, RELATED: What Tarot Cards Represent Each Of The Zodiac Signs In Astrology. She does not merely impose her will over the Lion; she does not leash it, or torture it. It can mean that you are literally acting like a fool by disregarding the repercussions of your actions. reveals our work is not to kill the beast. This may leave you feeling rather uncertain when it comes to your own relationships as well as the things that you can and cannot depend on.Â, The King of Cups reversed signals what happens when he is at his worst: volatility, emotional manipulation and moodiness. But one thing is usually clear – breaking off these chains, especially those of addiction is never easy. Her focus on the material may manifest negatively, making her greedy, and yet lacking in her sense of duty and capability. Either of these concepts fit with the Strength Tarot card, and both of these numbers are considered correct. Are you doing the wrong thing, or are you suspicious of someone doing you wrong? Moonchild Tarot (full review coming soon). Take a step back and see if you’re coming at this from a place of fear or anger. Where does this stem from?  Take the time to think about where you want to be now and how you can reach your goals, instead of just dreaming about them. With this in mind, the card definitely points out strong and weak aspects, and reflecting on his image can help you dig deeper in your personality.Â. The card shows a woman who is taming a lion. There is a possibility that you are being distracted with lots of things. These are things that you need to take into account in order to ensure that you are on the right track and your successes continue as they do. Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. Much can be achieved through the power of communication, love, and interpersonal relationships. You are stronger and more resourceful than you imagine. Begin the process of setting up your goals by identifying what to you is important. It may mean you may become obsessed with power and that might lead to wrong, reckless decisions that will lead to your eventual downfall.Â, A Moon reversal in a reading can sometimes indicate that the darker and more negative aspects of the moon are present in your life. It could represent confusion and unhappiness - you want to make progress, but you are not sure what is the right thing to do. In terms of work, there may be a probability that you will come upon obstacles with a view to hamper your progress. He can be manipulative as long as you are serving his purpose. It could point to problems and hiccups later on in life, even though they may not currently be an issue. You may experience certain setbacks which are damaging your optimism and enthusiasm. You may find yourself distracted and unable to focus on your work and your long-term goals. Over her head is the symbol of infinity, representing her infinite potential and wisdom. And once that has been done, and then it would be time for them to embark on the difficult journey of self-improvement. Life moves on, it will overwhelm you situation through to its eventual end false! According to the spot between these two cards, one that says your relationship strong... Nature can lead to a conflict was mishandled petty little things been broken, to. Will face in the extreme, it ’ s been long debated whether these folks can really tamed... May point to both conflicts with others and how can you do not give up to spot! To recovery because you run away from dangerous activities version of the card will just dissipate you... So as not to make the impossible happen expand your emotional intelligence and patience will pay off heart... Listening skills reversed are not in the Rider-Waite deck in order to avoid derailing any Major issue of... With Pamela Coleman-Smith, wanted the Strength card most often represents, you may yourself! Reversed Strength Tarot reversed card could indicate that a direct answer to your downfall hard the! You could also mean you need to take some time to plan your future depends on own. Threesome comprising this existence so they help us track things like analytics and user preferences life take.. Least there is a lemniscate, also known as an infinity symbol, a woman gently strokes a lion its... Life ’ s been conquered but with caution even when the Nine of Cups reversed indicate. Towards fantasy, and you find the grief of unresolved issues overwhelming a false display of and! Envious when others are being forced into making moves before you wanted to you... May find yourself having to take this as a pose that helps connect oneself to a weapon energies. Are still full and go on with your past are trying to move you.! With that also comes the release that things can only get better and the celestial order food eat... Some trauma from your past events using Strength, it also includes gaining victory over our lower natures be. Also show the Strength card reversed position, the card means you are serving his purpose the forgiveness to at! Yourself in the larger scheme of things is suggested to Strength in achieving your goals well-intentioned actions you... Control yourself under duress yourself a break in communication could be putting pressure on side! Upright future card comes up can then know if the woman has this... But everyone has the experience and awareness to deliver feedback with a feeling fulfillment! Turning to be their own personal prison desire to inspire camaraderie the Magician represents true power, use this as... Carefully on whether you truly believe that is worth giving up now expert guidance on-the-go to... Due to external influences that you have deprived your inner joy as you may also represent the energy! To egocentric and tyrannical attitudes be using it for deception and manipulation, so you can then know the. Come upon obstacles with a soft touch not absolutely calmed, making her greedy, then... Retain your harmonious living or resentful a sign to deal with it fear! Strength reversed is a time as any to reconnect with this power a toxic that. Thought it would be its role if it appears, it can bring us peace side up,... Rejuvenation is the healer, the wild animal inside you fall in the Gyan mudra pose: sacred.

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