Read a white paper on how to reduce test costs while building smarter test systems with PXI oscilloscopes. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In the menu there is an option to select "source" you can change the channel to trigger here. It is possible to measure the current in a circuit directly with a current probe. -are you looking at the correct channel? Pressing it again will cause it to disappear. Each of the above two methods has its advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll explore below: If a current sense resistor (“shunt” resistor) is designed into the power supply, this is the most convenient approach. The amplitude of the wave is the difference between the height of the peaks of a wave and the wave's equilibrium (the value which the wave is oscillating around). on Step 10, About: I post updates on twitter and instagram: @amandaghassaei. Since they include active electronics to support the Hall-Effect sensor, AC/DC probes require a power source to operate. on Step 7, Question For newcomers; this is happening because the trigger is correctly applied to one channel not the other. Let us focus on how to measure the voltage with an oscilloscope. To measure a voltage with an oscilloscope is the easiest part in working with this device. Q. qsiguy Member. Is there a way to measure delay of a single waveform. Migrating Engineering Workloads to the Azure Cloud. An other possibility to measure the current is to use a known resistor and Ohms law: U=R*I. Your oscilloscope may only have one input (no channel buttons), or it may have more than 2. The following table give you an overview about my Picoscope 2204 A. You can also try any one of the following methods to measure the voltage with an oscilloscope quickly: Your email address will not be published. National Instruments (NI) recently announced the PXIe-5164, a platform-based high-speed, high-resolution, high-voltage oscilloscope. Within the software of the oscilloscope I can measure the min and max current. You just need to measure the voltage, rest values are obtained by calculation. The controls that are surrounding the screen of the oscilloscope allow you to adjust the scale of the graph both horizontally and vertically and also allow you to zoom in and zoom out of the signal. Oscilloscopes are useful for looking at very fast changes in voltage over time, things that we could not measure with a multimeter. The right mobile engineering workstation can help keep designers productive no matter where they are working. -set vertical position to zero | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer. Measuring current with a current probe - When used in conjunction with an oscilloscope’s voltage measurements capabilities, current probes can enable a wide variety of important power measurements, such as instantaneous power, average power, and phase. Your oscilloscope may also give you the option of coupling to ground. There are other types of oscilloscopes that have features that eliminate the need for counting the marks for divisions. Question Normally, the oscilloscope has fixed input range, but this can be easily increased or changed with the use of simple potential divider circuit. The DC accuracy of measurements with standard probes is limited by the oscilloscope with two percent and thus in the maximum allowable tolerance of the supply voltage of modern FPGAs. Using the relationship frequency = 1/period, I calculated the period of the signal to be 500cycles/second (or 500Hz). Your wave may be hard to see and appear somewhat unstable, as shown in figure 2. -zoom all the way out along the y axis- set volts/div to its max value While turning the trigger level dial, you'll see a trigger level indicator move up and down the screen (the small yellow triangle on the right side of the screen in the images above). Ideally, a wave going through a voltage follower should not change at all. The probe has a long insulated handle and contains a voltage divider, which scales high voltages down by a factor of 1,000, permitting measurements up to 40,000 volts. The new releases of the K-Compare and K-Display lines are now available... 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Additive Manufacturing/3DP Information Alignment. FREE WEBINAR: Can Fast, Simple Simulation be Accurate? That is saving a lot of costs in comparison to non USB oscilloscopes.

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