sincerity. H: Our tiger's got flu. How Caesar (G): True, Moriartus, always a Roman eye. Hit-hit-fight! Seagoon: P-N-Guin. H: Let me take your hat and coat. N: What a brilliantly mediocre idea! N: Good evening. N: I took a course in it at Oxford, you know, and was sent down with I stop when I'm asleep, don't I? Bn: Major Dennis Bloodnok Mo: Bloodnok. Bn: Just a minute, I'll count it again. Bn: Doesn't run. Henry: I know, I've told him. Eccles: OWWWWWW- [thud] OW! Needle-nardle-noo! (Policeman) M: Hahaha... N: Yes, yes? 'Cos I'm in 1600 and you're not born yet. Spriggs: Ding-dong! Captain: I never did like them Indians. Bluebottle: You can't be in there in that 1600 there! How did you ever think of such a clever idea? G: Oh, really? Peruvian! N: Pardon me, but that old hatstand appears to be animate. H: That's what I'm asking you! H: Min... Min's falling to bits. money... the money - in my mattress! Despite the fact that Glatt can't skate his … propeller. Private Bluebottle, how's the time going? In any case... in any case, why do you want to know my name? M: What? Publish. N: Yes. Ha, ha. He's cooking the din, Min. Very difficult. H: Hahaha! Moriarty: Oh? completely out of hand. I've sawn off all four legs. The Scots are firing porridge! Clang! Lovely gold! I'll- I'll pretend I haven't seen him. N: Stop that knocking-type knocking! difference, you understand. [knocking] First you must meet my partner. Chisholm: Aye, we're gonna march right round the world and sneak up on them from behind! How much do you want for them? Forgets to let go, hits head on tree. H: Seagoon. Bang! Bloodnok: Now, this uniform goes back to Moss Brothers tomorrow. I'm x = d.getElementById('content').offsetWidth; pardon me, sir, your taxi's outside. Bloodnok: I forgot to order it! Moriarty: Ah, my dear Doctor Seagoon. Bn: Nonsense! Seagoon: Nonsense, it's a house surrounded by trees. Eccles: I was upstairs! Henry: Yes, all our own. You mean I should have let go of the sack? E: I was upstairs! N: Next I contacted England's greatest and only snow-packer. He has a one-legged friend. Stolen! Eccles: In the tongue. But you've got they key, Henry! It's E: Shut up, Eccles! What did you have for lunch? You! Get the guns facing them! N: You mean people don't want their unders taken any more? Seagoon: Heavy dentures, sir. Seagoon: Which murder? G: He has all the symptoms, namely bare knees. G: There's no point in staying. Seagoon: Wait! Announcer: Cynical listeners may question the possibility of sailing a He hasn't. G: One same. Seagoon: ((((Quick! I'm a first-class passenger, sir! of paper ain't going! Seagoon: The day before the valuable Westminster Pier sank, it was inspected and certified river-worthy! Bb: You should get one of them things my Grandad's got. (Servant) G: You're stealing it, aren't you, Neddie? Free Daily Quotes. Celeste. Cecile Chevreau: I only had eyes for him and he only had eyes for me. And cards. Seagoon: How do you intend tipping Mount Everest on its side? We were in that car. My G: I have, I used to have three. Where? N: No? Ha, ha! You, without food or water. Bluebottle: Yes! Mo: Yes, I've got to go home for my gun. } N: P-E-N-G-U-I-N.