If you were going to use the 300ma charger, then the motorcycle battery would take around 8 to 12 hours to be fully charged. 5. Even then, you don’t want to leave it on the charger longer than you must. A brand new lead acid, 12 volt battery under a constant-current charge, will take 5 – 8 hours to charge up to 70%. It will seem that the voltage available in the battery is not enough to start the motorcycle. What comes to mind would be jumpstarting the motorcycle or charging the battery first. Just like that, you can see connecting the battery to its charger is quite simple. A trickle charger is also relatively safe, but it takes a long time to work. Do not leave batteries on manual chargers longer than necessary for starting your motorcycle. If the battery would be completely depleted, then the charging period would be longer. Place one meter lead on the negative terminal, and the other meter lead on the negative cable. So, it is smart to include a battery check along with your regular maintenance routine. Here is a quick video for additional tips on how to charge a motorcycle battery. You can now remove the chamber caps to see the levels of the water inside. Still on the number of hours to charge the battery, you can have a great automatic charger if possible. link to How to Pack for a Motorcycle Camping Trip. However, it all comes to an average time that most batteries would be charged regardless of the brand. How Long To Charge A Motorcycle Battery Reviews: How To Clean A Gas Tank With Simple Tools. Here I write about everything I learn about motorcycles, riding and RV life. After the 12 hours, measure that voltage of the battery to see if it would be 12 volts or even more. How Long Does It Take to Charge a Motorcycle Battery? If you have a lot of accessories such as a stereo, GPS, or heated gear, be sure to purchase a battery that is designed to accommodate all those gadgets. Most chargers would have a light indicator that shows if the charging is complete or not. Check your bike’s manual to see how to access your battery, Disconnect the negative cable from the terminal, Take a basic voltage/Ohm meter and set it to amps. All You Need To Know ‘How Much Does A Motorcycle Weigh? It will be toast. 7. You will need at electrical outlet to plug it in, so, that may take a little imagination depending on where your staying. Looking for the best motorcycle battery chargers to prolong the life of your battery? Battery capacityStarting battery chargeCharger outputCharger typeBattery and charger temperature. you’ll notice it cranks very slow and won’t start. The rear brake lever would almost max out and pumping it a bit seemed to help. If you’re using an older charger, you will need to monitor the battery’s voltage input to see when it peaks. Simply reconnect the charged battery to the motorcycle and fire it up. Learn more here. These good habits will keep your bike ready to pack up and ride at a moment’s notice, and will prevent you from getting stranded in a motel parking lot with no power. Yikes! You will then connect your trickle charger to your battery and let it sit for about 24 hours to get a full charge. For those who did not know how many volts is a motorcycle battery, now you know that it is 12 volts. The fluids present in it can be highly toxic and acidic in nature. The chemical reaction between the two create an electrical charge. by BikeBandit | Apr 29, 2019 | How-To’s | 0 comments. Your meter should read between 12.7 volts to 13.2 volts.

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