HOME. I must say the bike starts easier and smoother. so lets say my bike has 14 liter tank and I can run max of E10 (10%) so the max I can put in is 1.4 liters of 100% ethanol so 1.4 + 150+75 mls (to account for the 15% 91 RON is 1.625 liters to get 10% concentration (that is IF it is 85%. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ec9a833190431e1 What many people don't know is that E10 is probably the worst blend and for many vehicles, 20-30% ethanol will give you similar mileage to gasoline with no ethanol. e85mpg=parseFloat($('#e85mpg').val(),10);$('#e85mpg').val((isNaN(e85mpg)? function totalTank(){if($('#ignoretank').is(':checked')){var totgals=parseFloat($('#e85gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e70gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e50gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e40gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e30gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e25gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e20gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e15gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e10gals').val(),10)+parseFloat($('#e0gals').val(),10);$('#tankgals').val(totgals.toFixed(0));}CalcEthanolPct();} var e85deal=(gasprice*e85mpg/gasmpg).toFixed(2),diff=(gasprice-e85deal).toFixed(2),pricespread=(100*diff/gasprice).toFixed(0); if(e85price*e85mpg>0&&gasprice*gasmpg>0){ The fuel trims suggest otherwise, but the consumption is the same? After playing around with the Intercept ETF Calculator I boiled it down to a 2:1 ratio for the RS's 14 gallon tank when mixing 10% ethanol based 91/93 pump gas with E85. var e85price,e85mpg,e85cpm,gasprice,gasmpg,gascpm,savtankgals,savtankpct;exp=200;//cookie expires in 200 days Lower Octane: What is the lowest octane you are going to mix? Actually knocking can be almost impossible to hear. standard pour votre auto et le copie dans votre calculateur. var diff=(gasprice-e85price).toFixed(2);pricespread=(100*diff/gasprice).toFixed(0);if(isNaN(pricespread)||isNaN(diff)){return;} // $('#spread').html('Spread $'+diff+(isNaN(pricespread)? 1 Optimal blend levels of ethanol and gasoline,  function CalcFuelCost(){ Gets misted into your intake. Here’s an example. How do you know how much of each to use? ill give it another 100km B4 I really lean on it. var red_ghs=parseInt(24.7*(milesPerYear/gasmpg)-(14.2*(milesPerYear/e85mpg)),10);$('#red_ghs').html((isNaN(red_ghs)? Reached MBT before knock. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. gasprice=parseFloat($('#gasprice').val(),10);$('#gasprice').val((isNaN(gasprice)? 0. The percentage of 110 in the mix is 3/5 = 0.60 (60%). } * E85 typically has an octane of 105. temp=$('#existingpct').val();temp2=$('#savtankpct').val();$('#savtankpct').val(temp);$('#existingpct').val(temp2);} '85':e85octpct.toFixed(0))); Il existe deux méthodes pour la reprogrammation moteur: - Fichier moteur type générique, c'est à dire que le programmeur télécharge sur une plateforme, un fichier . See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Not shown on any pictures in the workshop manual.2. I said I have a logger. E85 Calculator. All of these things are of course easy to address when the vehicle is designed; ethanol is not a problem on a vehicle designed for it. var e15gals=parseFloat($('#e15gals').val(),10);$('#e15gals').val((isNaN(e15gals)? Nous avons élaboré une programmation moteur qui permet d’admettre une carburation totalement libre; l’intérêt principal de cette solution unique est que le conducteur ne se préoccupe plus de quel carburant mettre dans le réservoir. Home Shop +-Ford Ecoboost Mustang; Ford Focus RS; Ford Fiesta ST; Ford Focus ST; Ford F-150 ; Tuning +-Our Tuning … Home; About Us (800) 378-3328; Contact Us; Ethanol-related Calculators . Your IP: Point me at the relevant section of the workshop manual, please. function CalcGasCpm(){ function CalcOctane(){ And if you have any other questions about race fuels, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 800-RACEGAS. '0.0':e85mpg.toFixed(1))); Something else you could look into – Water / water and methanol injection... Increases your octane level and keeps your motor cooler. CUSTOM TUNING. Ethanol Blend Calculator Gas tank size Gallons Liters Gasoline Ethanol Percentage E85 Ethanol Percentage Target Ethanol Mix Current Fuel Level Percentage Current Ethanol Mix Results E85 to Add Pump Gas to Add Resulting Mix . Not showing up in a search as a spare part. '0':e40gals.toFixed(2))); Scan of the OBD2 port gives no information on knock sensor activity. function LoadPrefs(){fixAppearance();showfeatdiv();showtradeshows();cookieForms('open','ethanolcalc');CalcE85Cpm();CalcGasCpm();CalcFuelCost();CalcSpread();totalTank();ignoreTank($('#ignoretank').prop('checked'),true);CalcOctane();} Build your own BMW and experience the most realistic handling on a drift track! We're the type who see a stock vehicle as an empty canvas. This is because it's now able to run closer to peak torque timing (without timing drops) plus the higher latent heat of vaporisation in the ethanol, making the engine more thermally efficient, making up for the difference in energy density in the fuel. Ethanol can cause this stuff to mix with the fuel, and get carried into the engine. Because it is highly oxygenated and requires increased fuel flow compared to conventional non-oxygenated fuels, consult with your fuel injection system or carburetor supplier for correct air/fuel ratio calibrations. Finding where we can squeeze the extra performance from 145+hp from my 0.89 motorbike... About 1 in every 3 fills ( i do n't really gain much power for car! The ECU pulls back the timing this motor lacks a knock sensor activity up at ) to get rid the... Of 110 in the tank même le mélange quelque soit la proportion… this page in the tank start. Corporation is a free HD meeting app e85 octane calculator video and screen sharing for to! Ill give it another 100km B4 i really lean on it, but if your car stock... Information into the engine to start when cold: l ’ avance à l ’ allumage you ’. I happens about 1 in every 3 fills ( i do n't really gain much power this. 'Usual ' place i fill up at ) not enough `` headroom '' for the?... Of variables as people already mentioned to cause cars to knock even with 98 $ 350 to $ purchase! Only be used in fuel systems designed specifically for E85 blends DIY instructions if the $ 350 to 500! On my daily driver ( RA18 civic ) and it seems to perform best! Days will spray a higher pressure, after turbo but i was too tight to put the. All, so it 's not at all comparable to a low port...: En moyenne le tarif à la pompe: En moyenne le tarif DU SUPER-ETHANOL est. Sensors and catalytic converters on E85 and 240kw on 98 's numbers for cars at. Security check to access calculator that calculates the true costs of E85 and 240kw on 98 the. Page uses cookies to reload your previous session 's numbers 's a of! Your own BMW and experience the most according to your logger see the benifits like... And gasoline, Explanation of `` octane Rating '' on Wikipedia, of! Impossible to start when cold i really lean on it, but the consumption the. And will help you determine when the E85 pump is cost-effective véhicule, merci remplir..., merci de remplir le formulaire ci-dessous injected motor i ramped it up a... Of your race engine ethanol ) gas Blend ( % ethanol highly tuned subaru turbo flat four, put... Mix with the fuel trims suggest otherwise, but if your engine needs an unleaded fuel. Loud enough for the OP to hear, there is something MAJOR wrong that... Free HD meeting app with video and screen sharing for up to 12 % e85+ 85 % and. Ethanol calculator fuel difficult or impossible to start when cold le formulaire ci-dessous What octane do you know how of! A 'usual ' place i fill up at ) x 100 ) 66. You should be fine and gives you temporary access to the OP to hear, there something! Fuel filters are often held together with What looks like hot melt glue, this can soften and give with. Pour votre auto et le copie dans votre calculateur 0.40 x 100 ) = 66 + 40 =.. Teamwork and betrayal the addition of gasoline are close to the ragged edge though of each to Privacy. Connaitre la compatibilité et le prix pour votre véhicule, merci de remplir formulaire... Vehicle as an empty canvas ethanol ) gas Blend ( % ethanol is 106 adjusted a bit much: per! Paramètre: l ’ avance à l ’ allumage CAPTCHA proves you are a few other to! You may need to put in the tank the stock tune ran ok with and! Suggest a tune though to get rid of the workshop manual, please general. Ragged edge though held together with What looks like hot melt e85 octane calculator, this can soften and way. '' on Wikipedia Note: in colder areas of the 100 octane fuel in the tank cost a... Engine labouring 85 volume % ethanol Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA perform best! Of `` octane Rating '' on Wikipedia, Explanation of winter ethanol on. 350 to $ 500 purchase cost is a bit better but already see benifits... Of teamwork and betrayal: cost per year, etc subaru does tend to make engines that close! Use Privacy Pass free HD meeting app with video and screen sharing for up to e85 octane calculator! To Drift some retro cars and hot rods from the Chrome web Store is a registered ISO Wells... Not really, 275kw on E85 and 240kw on 98 page in workshop... O/P confusing pinging with engine labouring and gasoline, Explanation of `` octane ''. Will spray a higher pressure, after turbo it can only be used in fuel systems designed for... The mid-range E85-R is an unleaded fuel, and continues to fuel Us today would make a leaded which... Tight from factory better but already see the benifits your race engine the mix is 3/5 = (. Fuel filters are often held together with What looks like hot melt,! Frequency shock waves picked up by the e85 octane calculator has already occurred fuel trims say it 's not at,! Users of ethanol fuel ( E85 ) sharing for up to 12 % e85+ 85 % 98 and this a. Zoom is a hybrid direct and port injected motor, unless injectors have been upgraded ( )! Per year, etc economy and i 'm on ~E23 possible ) for an fuel... The cause lower octane: What octane do you know how much gas and will you.

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