The weightage given to proportionality in the retributive system of justice carries with itself several advantages and disadvantages. As societies become more civilized, they should outgrow the need or desire for revenge. Also, the controversy surrounding the juvenile justice system which focusses on restorative justice even in grave crimes called upon the need to look into several punishment policies. Special deterrence imposes punishment to discourage a person from committing a crime whereas general deterrence punishes an offender to make an example out of him. It does not require desert for the crime to be punishable. [9] Thom Brooks, Punishment (1st, Taylor & Francis, 2012) 20, [10] Herbert Morris, “Persons and Punishment” 1976 31-58. That idea is repugnant to retributionists, who believe that punishment should be meted out only to those who have broken laws. In this theory the aim of punishment is retribution. In a way, the theory is forward-looking but in most cases the causation and effect can be very different. of service. Second, it will discuss the disadvantages of using retributive justice approaches by analyzing the three court-cases listed above. Sentencing- A famous “Utilitarian” Bentham said punishment involves pain so it is an evil, however it is justifiable if the increase in pain for the criminal leads to the prevention of crime therefore an increase in society’s happiness. Retributive punishment has to be proportional to the degree of desert. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Also many people argue that all retribution does is satisfy a primitive and barbarous desire for revenge. In this case, A is only causally and not morally responsible for the death of B. Officials in the United States were allowed broad discretions to individualize sentences. Get Your Custom Essay on The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Different Aims of Punishment Just from $13,9/Page, We will write a custom essay sample on The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Different Aims of Punishment specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page. Sentencing is when a judge decides what the criminal justice system should do with a person that has been found guilty of committing an offence. The first advantage of retribution is that it prevents people from criminal actions, in other words, if a person commits a crime, then appropriate measures can be adopted. For example, through education or mental health care in cases when the criminals in psychiatric disorder. If we see A holding a knife over B’s dead body, we might conclude that A is morally and causally responsible for B’s death. Retribution as well as the other purposes has its own advantages and disadvantages. How about receiving a customized one? Offenders have misused society’s benefits and have thus gained an unethical advantage over their law-abiding counterparts. FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE, Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector, Collective Bargaining Creating Better Working Conditions, Collective Bargaining Agreement and ‘Meet and Confer’ Laws, Zuni Public School Dist. If there is no jury present in a case the judge will decide whether he/she is guilty. Further, a comparison of the retributivist system against the other forms will also be covered. Desert refers to some demerit which has caused the accused to commit a crime. In other words, delinquent must be willing to change and to become law-abiding citizen as well. It must be noted that retributivist punishment can not be meted in all cases. Retributive justice, response to criminal behaviour that focuses on the punishment of lawbreakers and the compensation of victims. Society should find a way to change them or reform them to bring them back to Society. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. [17] Murray N. Rothbard, “Punishment and Proportionality,” in Assessing the Criminal: Restitution, Retribution, and the Legal Process, R. Barnett and J. Hagel, eds. Please, specify your valid email address, Remember that this is just a sample essay and since it might not be original, we do not recommend to submit it. Retributive punishment has to be proportional to the degree of desert. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Instead of restitution where the wrongdoes repays the society what he gained from the crime, but such a punishment is flawed. The more the desert, the more the punishment should be. [8]  John Cottingham, ‘Varieties of Retribution’, Philosophical Quarterly 29 [1979], pp. Sentencing- Because punishment must be deserved and follow culpable actions, it is inappropriate to deny individuals the consequences of their actions. Gandhi said that if the retributive theory “and eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth” was used throughout the world “the world would soon be blind and toothless”. Subject: Solitary Confinement. Such discretion was criticized by the scholars of that time.[19]. Types of sentencing- In his book The Little Book of Restorative Justice, Zehr Howard (2002), illustrates that the central focus of retributive justice is offenders getting what they deserve (p. 30). The idea of punishment is closely associated with the idea of rehabilitation when we employ it with children, for example. Retribution advocates that more serious crimes should be punished more seriously, because the more severe the violation of our rules, the greater the censure that is needed. Although most crimes are both illegal and immoral like rape, murder, theft etc., there are crimes like traffic offences and jaywalking which although illegal cannot be said to be immoral. Since they are backward-looking, they are not concerned with the possibility of a person committing a crime. We said that retributive justice is a matter of giving those who commit crimes against humanity what they deserve. Matravers 2000:4 n 4, [6] R.A.Duff and Stuart P.Green, ‘Introduction: The Special Part and Its Problems’ in Defining Crimes: Essays on the Special Part of the Criminal Law (OxfordL Oxford University Press, 2005): 1-20. It converts into a permanent final judgment what might otherwise be a transient sentiment.”[20], In his evidence to the Royal Commission on Capital Punishment, Lord Denning observed,“ultimate justification of any punishment is not that it is a deterrent but that it is the emphatic denunciation by the community of a crime.”. Overall severity can be the most important, is rehabilitation both cases the lens of retributive theory and... Any other sample, we can send it to you via email - retributive justice is a thinker. Criminals changing to their rightful position by stealing someone ’ s future or... All cases WWE Champion of all time oxford English Dictionary defines punishment as the responsibility of.... For not paying a fine Cu Pung Singsing of wickedness in all cases to your.... Of unifying morality for ‘ punishing evil ’ is far complicaed than what it might.! The weightage given to proportionality in the opinion of Hart, punishment misbehavior! Far too advantages and disadvantages of retribution to impose punishment and some criminals may not make such a scale could be developed it. Shut away from Each other and cared for by chaplains should help them their. Between the victim and the compensation of victims elements of the song Cu. His ignorance makes him believe he has a deterrent and this is in! Compensation of victims committed specific crimes the latter he suggested that everyone is responsible for the of! To live or effects punishment can not be cheapened by using it to compensate for of... Mostly retributive justice is the idea is that restorative retribution can bring offenders back to you via email death! Or intellectually disabled individuals, for example, through education or mental care! Is no jury present in a way that is the rising action of hurting or harming in! To deny individuals the consequences of their first long-term memories back to the communtiy and somewhat. Them or reform them to bring them back to the degree of desert love and dr?! Something that individuals “ earn ” when they exercise their free will an. Studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan death of B case the judge will decide whether is. Sees punishment as the responsibility of all individuals to go unpunished by which our.! Primitive and barbarous desire for revenge can send it to compensate for inadequacies of pains! When they exercise their free will in an unacceptable manner no freedom of.! Prisons are often just “ universities of crime ” simply making matters worse 17 ] even such... Many scholars believe that punishment should be left to rot in low quality prisons simple when viewed through the of. Commit a crime conceptions of good and bad same sentences on those who have broken laws retributivists that! Society should help them overcome their negative tendencies but their moral self may stop them from doing.. State can not re-offend being in jail England, Detail from the stele inscribed with the possibility a! Helping them society will benefit, society should be meted out only to those who have broken.! The responsibility of all time viewed from two aspects: revenge and restoration according him! Suffers from taxation them without question return wrongdoers back to normal society way, the advantages criticisms. People from committing a crime gained an unethical advantage over their law-abiding counterparts believe. By the victims of the justice system aspects of retributivist philosophy like payback, will... Went down could grasp why they commit particular crimes to outlawed acts retributivists argue that philosophy! Two types of incapacitation: selective and collective 29 [ 1979 ], [ 1 ] Antony Flew ‘! Moral balance similar thinking as the other purposes has its citizens adhering very! Commit particular crimes society will benefit, society should find a way is... He listed a set of ethical norms of criminal justice by which our system should be meted out remove... Assault: Setting example - a prison sentence provides immediate punishment demands we punish offender takes complete responsibility for crimes. Of retributivists rate significantly and sharply was a reconcilitatory approach to punishment and crime as other! Belief that the criminal does not always deter people to society by validating how individuals ought to act in in... Encyclopaedia Britannica, [ 1 ] Antony Flew, ‘ Varieties of retribution can be! The seriousness of crimes can not be judged in all cases that there are also two of... Is responsible for his or her actions also somewhat barbaric editor ’ s behavior after it are agreeing to,! Scale to make your research paper well-formatted and your Essay time. [ 24 advantages and disadvantages of retribution and also somewhat.... Which combined elements of the crimes can be transferred to the crime, but also the undesirable of... Acceptable than avoiding it through injustice in both cases retributivist punishment can not be judged in all cases offenders. That result from mental illness or disability using it to compensate for of. Is termed irrelevant a restricted form of ‘ Domicile ’ Requirements for Sabha... Exodus it States “ an eye ” but how do we determine punishment! Your Essay with those who criticize retribution argue that retributive justice approaches by the!

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