The Snake Parade at the Fire Festival of Santiago de Cuba. This Caribbean fiesta was originally intended to be a serious event and the show’s organisers still have a number of conferences, academic shops and discussion panels that take place during the course of the one week of the festival. Fun day in Monteria: bike’s hire and monkeys encounter. Fiesta del Fuego is held yearly in early July. The reason I caught a bus for 16 hours immediately upon arriving in Cuba was to ensure I was in Santiago de Cuba for the Festival of Fire / Festival del Caribe. Stopping in tranquil Monteria for a while.. stitches off! Fire Festival – Cuba. The high temperature mixed up with the very warm hospitality from the locals gave the festival the name of “Fiesta del Fuego”. It is a pretty impressive and quite deep moment. It includes a series of performances, exhibitions, and street celebrations with the focus on the Caribbean culture. The Fiesta del Fuego also features several traditional and popular music bands that constantly perform through the day. Last updated information on how to cross the Colombia-Ecuador border and vice versa via land! While these are the biggest draws of the festival, food stalls, children’s games and alcohol stands available during the Fiesta del Fuego, make the event a grand entertainment festival. The parade itself was one of the prettiest I saw in my whole life: people from all the Caribbean islands were there with their country customs but all united in one dance. The party spirit was strong in everybody and it felt just right to be there. In this article, we are going to focus on the Festival del Caribe: Caribbean festival. I was one of them: I was there to celebrate the festival and get some food.. and things changed since that moment! Visit to Moncada barracks Primary School. This year It was my first time in Santiago and I reached over the weekend: it was the Friday night, but regardless the late time,  the sky looked red and orange due the fire games played in the streets and music all over the place with people dancing and having a real good time. West 5th Floor, Suite 513 Toronto ON M8V 3Y3 Canada •, Support for the Cuban People or Professional Research, Full-Time Schedule of Support of the Cuban People or Professional Research. If you ever wonder when best to visit Santiago De Cuba, I’ll tell you now: July. Happy New year!!!! Travel to Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Cobre. Tour Regla town with active tradition of African-inspired religions. Cuba's popular ceremony, the Fire of the Cannon of 9 O’Clock. Easy: each year the “Santiaguieros” celebrate the “Fiesta del Fuego” officially known as “Festival Del Caribe” and soon after this, the city host the famous Cuban Carnival. Over the Festival period Santiago host countless performances including – music, dance, magic, religious ceremony, painting, sculpture, and theater. I was there with 2 fellow travelers and it took us few minutes before to adapt to the local party: I remember that I was trying to queue to get some food and Cubans were just overtaking me like I was not there.. However, there is also a lighter side to the Fiesta del Fuego that is seen onthe streets of Santiago during this same period. All rights reserved |, Annual Cuba Events, Festivals, Fairs and Exhibitions, Havana Annual International Jazz Festival, Cuba Local Transport and Getting Around the Island, Cuban Cigars guide – Habanos SA and Cubatabaco, Getting Married in Cuba – Weddings & Honeymoons, Welcome to Cuba Culture, Travel and Trade, 10 Best Museums in Havana Cuba, You Must Visit. Why am I selecting exactly this period? The atmosphere is vibrant and lively: musician singing, people dancing, kids playing around and it feels to be in one big family. My South America Journey is over..back to Europe…for a while! It might turn to be a little dangerous though, due to the fact that some people will get seriously drunk and afterward a danger for others, but it is plenty of police who monitor the situation, hence just watch out your neighbors and avoid the big crowd unless you are with a local person). It was lots of fun and of course I had to be involved in dancing and singing: this is a must do, you cannot refuse a dance or, like it happened to me you cannot refuse that some random guy will dedicate you a romantic Cuban song *most of all after few many shots of rum…). A lot of bands play with percussion instruments and people do not cease moving around the giant fire places wearing colorful cloths, holding swords and yelling weird screams in order to throw all the bad and evil that they had gathered over the whole year. Tour El Morro Fortress at Santiago de Cuba. Once the Parade reaches the Alameda (Santiago’s Harbour) the famous Devil will be burnt up surrounded by people who pray that all the bad spirits go away with the burnt Devil. An Expert Cuban English Speaking Guide and Translator. Welcome 2018 and still on the go : Brazil. Welcome to Authentic Cuba Travel® ( Fire Festival Cuba Tour! The event takes place at Santiago De Cuba were mass of people come from the Caribbean Islands. Every July, the notorious heat of Santiago de Cuba is tripled. Rum can be offered everywhere to everyone from the same bottle: don’t get too much carried away with this, as it can be unsafe and you can also lose easier your control, putting yourself in a dangerous position. Carrying on the celebration we reached the final day: people filled up the street, probably the whole city and surroundings where all celebrating the last day of the festival and it was a massive crowd around! I (and other travelers I met) had been anticipating lots of activities, colour and music – but not quite. The Fire Festival is going on in Santiago de Cuba, considered “the most Caribbean city” in the island, aimed to celebrate the Caribbean people, its culture and history, and to exchange ideas and experiences. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), CUBA: all you need to know about INTERNET AND WIFI and PHONE CALLS, Casagrande Surf: best camping experience ever, Santiago de Cuba : What to see and what to do. Travel to "the Capital of the Caribbean", Santiago de Cuba. In this article, we are going to focus on the Festival del Caribe: Caribbean festival. Ferry boat ride to little picturesque island of Cayo Granma. The celebrations dates for the festival are from the 3rd until the 9th of July and the whole city will come down to celebrate with music, parades, food, and lots of laughter and rum! Enjoy over 50 musical venues around the Fire Festival. The annual Fire Festival (also known as the Fiesta del Fuego) takes place in the month of July in the city of Santiago de Cuba.This Caribbean fiesta was originally intended to be a serious event and the show’s organisers still have a number of conferences, academic shops and discussion panels that take place during the course of the one week of the festival. The first celebration was initiated back in 1981, since then the Festival del Caribe has become one of the most important within the Caribbean islands, paying tribute to different countries: people from all the other Caribbean island will come over to Santiago to show and perform in parades and street exhibition.

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