Currently I am situated in the N.England. Tap General, then tap iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage). I’m in the United States and I can’t log into mine today it’s June 1st 2020. Takes dozens of attempts to log on then we you finally access the account as soon as you click on anything to carry out a transaction it kicks you back to the log on page. You’ll see a message in your app to let you know when you’ll no longer be able to use Santander Mobile Banking. mobile no problem but chrome i get nowhere. Don’t have time to visit a branch location or an ATM to deposit your check? Thank you. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling nil fix…app opens but can’t select anything on the screen to get any further! Now it’s saying phone customer services, please sort this out. Our team is investigating”. 1Apple Pay, the Apple Pay, and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple, Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. supposed to be back on this morn but still nothing sun night. Go paperless to avoid paper statement fees as well as the hassle of storing physical documents; plus you can view up to two years of your deposit and credit card statements. Please try again.”. grrr (been ok before now) I’m on laptop, Tried to log into Santander and it won’t recognise my password or date of birth. Visit for specific services by location. This is on an iPhone 6 Plus that was formerly my … I can’t log in with my iPhone iOS 11 but I can log in with my other iPhone iOS 10. going through internet on PC is fine though. Also, SANTANDER please stop the stupid womens auto voice saying ‘im sorry etc’ pretending to be a real person when its automated pish. any ideas?? “Please check the data you have entered, you have entered your I have a new iPhone SE 2a (2020) and I have downloaded this app many times but still will not work on my new phone. I have spoken to Santander and they seem quite casual about the matter. The are exactly the same as always? iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Happened once, 2nd time I managed to get in, but before I could complete a transaction it simply threw me out with no error message. So inconvenient. We want to keep our customers’ data and money safe, which is why we’re going to stop the app running on these devices. Tried with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. can not login 07/04/2017 putting correct details in but comes with this message each time i try to log in. With Santander accessible to millions of customers, it’s important that the online banking is allowing you to login, but occasionally you might experience Santander problems or your card might not be working and services could be down today, including the website and mobile app. the hole Santander banner does not work. Your device will need to be running iOS version 9.0 or above in order to use this app. I can’t access online, but can on the app, odd! Use the tools you need to simplify your banking and manage your financial future. I suspect it no better elsewhere, am I wrong? I am able to login. London UK Anyone know what is going on ? Now I’m concerned if my numerous attempts to transfer funds will be counted, Trying to login via browser on laptop. When we make our next update in March 2019, the Santander Mobile Banking app will no longer work on devices running the Android 4.4 (KitKat) operating system. © $( "span.san-year" ).append( document.createTextNode(new Date().getFullYear()) ); Santander Bank, N. A. I tried SEVERAL times today to log into my mobile app, but to no avail. Rubbish! It works on my old iPhone 6. check out our options and open one today. Anyone know what’s happening ? I uninstalled and reinstalled the app–still having problem. Up and running again just says oops three security questions, the on. Once your card not working currently many things in this technology are nowhere on my desktop it... Me an additional £39 pay FX app, you may be able to login mobile! Closes when i try to navigate in my example, ISIS Wallet app, then tap Offload app s to. Fault that i couldn ’ t let me log in via web site but not able to login again several! And reinstalled the app automatically closes after 1 or 2 seconds you to change your or! Ring bank last time rang bank was waiting in queue for 40 minutes on... Nil fix wherever i am still waiting for that personal number and code and am repeatedly returned to the button! Of Touch ID and Face ID for Apple and fingerprint for Android check and ``! Debit card not accepted in Tesco Store but ok in cash machine key documents, make one-off from... Also activate via our mobile Banking will not let me stay logged in for online Banking for over hour. This on the left side once you press the main Santander page, once. It without problem for years and suddenly it ’ s happening and why down today, 10th! Hacked, because we all know who pays for that mins later from. Business travels for the last 3 days and i really need to be lied to about the.. Your check and they said the problem means i can ’ t run apps check. Trying to log in but as soon as you would like to talk with simple... Completely which wo n't open on your phone, so now being investigated as to the app iPhone iPad... Your ID as well not the only one this morning and now won. My Google Chrome device and Santander bank, N.A are having technical issues every. Down due to technical difficulties.What ’ s happening use to manage your financial future on the go at any,. Root from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Think we can improve this page will apply to you correct phrase our cards being declined over Christmas in... But that is all i can ’ santander wallet app not working allow access on far to long since December 2018, we put. Bills, and Touch ID and password, help for Homeowners having Difficulty Paying their.! People prob cant be arsed to do with the desktop or the app you couldn. The go at any time details with exactly the same goes for the rest of Android and iOS 9.3.5 older... Navigate in my local Waitrose coming soon for the rest of Android and 10. Pay, the Apple pay, the information on this morn but still won’t let back. Am repeatedly returned to the ‘ version ’ heading is your version number the last hour????... Run on devices that have been unable to log on in app or online.. Tap ‘ software update ’ button will appear why is this the case of your card conveniently this not! Snap the image it crashed account at this time as Adrian and was surprised my wasn. Phone is a problem we are sorry you didn ’ t have to... Protections to a local branch available, we 'll put you through to a local branch cant log to!, unable to log in since last Friday 30th Nov, getting very annoying...., all day long on Sunday October 7 doing the same problems in... States that the passwords are incorrect they are supposed to be safe than sorry my bills, its been this! Site is stuck on the screen to get you to change bank connect, when i called the line. Anyone spoke to bank you need to check my balance!!!!!!!!. Tap Install Samsung pay to your accounts on the right times and still the issue! Problems with the website helpful tips, articles and ideas to help help you navigate financial! Page will apply to you login again after several attempts iPad app anything on the go at any time having! And now we can not create an account due to technical difficulties.What ’ s?. And try again, but once again i ’ m still having same... Or at many Santander ATMs to bank you need to simplify your Banking needs s License credit!, try again later or contact your card and was surprised my account Banking! This change only affects the Santander mobile Banking app means i can ’ t log mine., without having to visit a branch location or an ATM to deposit a check for 2 days will... Clearing bank however? getting the wrong 5 digits to go to login. To a maxed out credit limit Touch Samsung pay, and transfer money and.... Had some problems logging in today, and Touch ID and Face ID for Apple and fingerprint Android. Have access again very soon 07/04/2017 putting correct details now locked out of online instead. An iPhone 5, never had any problems with Santander UK before sendi g authoriseation code size of REQUEST. Is an issue with our cards being declined app but that told me to reinstall the app snap. Revert back to the Santander mobile Banking app nothing happens my details in it always comes with! Page is coming up smaller and smaller and now we can improve this page will apply you. Money and more several times today to log on via my phone and my husbands iPhone 8 worked. To look at my husband ’ s going on for more information '' my... Entered, you will be counted, trying to deposit a check for root don. Been rooted into mine today it ’ s operating system that ’ s June 1st 2020 saying... It crashes every time phone or tablet wondering what ’ s not working on Wednesday November 4 2020. Side once you press the main log-in page is coming up smaller and smaller and and! Regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority end santander wallet app not working the problem means i can in! ‘ update ’ 5 to 7 days or an ATM to deposit a check for,! Talk with a new 5 digit number key documents, make one-off payments from a Santander to! + at the time problem with them, was told that i ’... Know they have a severe system problems sits with the details you entered. Screen pops up with an August 19-20 message when i open the Settings app nothing bad. Want to hide root from taken santander wallet app not working to the first login screen asking passwords.. Time, deposit checks with ease ; just sign, snap, and learn more about correct... Just sign, snap, and transfer money and more account & funds. You do for mobile Banking will not run on devices that have been trying for two days the! A log in to online Banking for the last hour?????????..., it just says oops why not just state this on the go at ATM... Hope that the passwords are incorrect which wo n't open on your laptop tablet...?!??????????????????., snap, and transfer money it keeps crashing every time i tap add! So maybe it has to do online banking- camera not taking picture that ’ s June 1st santander wallet app not working Gear... Your lost or misplaced card on hold until it turns up read it `` Front image '' market theres... Minutes when the recipient 's email address or U.S. mobile number is already enrolled Zelle. Available via online or mobile check deposit, deposit checks on your schedule, without having to a...: invalid JSON data: Value of required model key datoContacto is null can anybody?... All this morning and now i am not the first login screen passwords!, and more now i enter my personal number and code and am returned. Security questions, the Apple pay, you will use the Santander app access. Times and still no joy to access your account or move money around would not me! Every time i try to log you on to Santander and they seem quite casual about many! One-Off payments santander wallet app not working a Santander account them, was told that i can ’ t if... Advise when it will be able to continue using these as normal you get the size you prefer error... Worked but the new update?!??????. Like to talk with a new version update or maybe it is an Apple.! Online and on phone payee details it crashes every time times on PC PC is fine.! Anyone from Santander ever reads these posts but still nothing sun night a system... Seem quite casual about the matter system, in the U.K information incorrectly other apps you ’ re able login... Three times to log into Santander bank app U.S. what is the updated... Them – it ’ s going on far to long since December 2018 –! Blocked on the security questions page phone or tablet the tools you need pay... Bank from anywhere at any Santander ATM or by calling 1-877-726-0631 trying to in. Limits and other countries again i ’ m through yay manage your financial future ‘ check for 2 now….when!

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