I am currently putting together a battle belt for defensive carbine classes. There weren’t any. The Everyday Marksman is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, audible.com, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. So far these guys have taken over a week to send me a fed ex sticker let me guess 6 weeks to get it back I have a po7 newer model it sucks still waiting on a sticker. The obvious choice was to carry what I already owned. I often link to products and companies that I receive nothing from because I genuinely think it’s a good product. CZ intended to sell the pistol. Well, the CZ P10C supposedly fits Glock holsters, there's that. Learn how your comment data is processed. CZ took those lessons and developed the larger P09 pistol with a 19+1 capacity, longer barrel, mechanical improvements, and reformulation of the polymer. On paper, though, it loses out to a lot of other common quality pistols like Glock, Sig, and S&W. Let’s take a look at the Glock 19, HK P30, S&W M&P 2.0 Compact, and Sig P320 Compact for comparison. My battle buddy, a retired USMC Force Recon Lt. Given the strength of the field, I feel like I need to justify my decision to buy the P07 over the other options. The PX4 didn’t come in until later as a dark horse. cz p10 vs g19, cz p10c forums, cz p10c vs g19, cz p10c vs p320c, g19 vs czp10c, how can you tell if your cz p10c was made in 2018 or later, p10c vs g19, p10c vs g19 vs p320, p10c vs sig p320, sig p320 vs cz p10c. Ring the bell, it's a compact pistol showdown, y'all! The weapon is designed for self-defense and use in the armed forces. The aggressive texture of the CZ grip can be slightly uncomfortable when it rubs against the body when carried IWB and bother shooters who have an exceptionally tight grip. They wanted a new and innovative 9mm pistol, but Soviet law prevented the company from doing it. Which duty and carry holster did you decide on for the P-07? When I came across a great deal on one a few days later, I was sold. (Kadet pistol) this last one is my first and beloved one of CZ brand, so i started with it to do the internals polishing before doing the MCARBO springs kit further. 700 rounds later, the trigger is really good – not match grade, but a heck of a lot better than the average duty… Read more », It’s funny how often I hear that story. Shipping a pistol to get work done on it is expensive too. Out of the box, the CZ P07 has a decocker installed. Harry’s Holsters makes a good AIWB. I carry a CZ 75D PCR where the practicality of a decocker is more important than a slightly better out of the box trigger feel. for things like sights, holsters, and replacement parts. at all and doesn’t leave much real estate to grab. The CZ doesn’t present the same issue with me. It conceals well, provided you are comfortable concealing a Glock 19-sized weapon, but also doesn’t look out of place riding in a duty holster, either. To compare, that is about the same average I generate in single action on my Beretta that I’ve been shooting for years. , and if you’re in the market for a DA/SA polymer gun, it’s worth taking a look at. I would have waited on them if it weren’t for my range having a P07 for rent. I checked it out for an hour, and found it immensely shootable. The Glock is reliable, has a track record, and is used for exactly this purpose all around the world. Compact pistols have a shorter sight radius, but a mounted red dot removes that an issue altogether. I reviewed it here: https://www.everydaymarksman.co/equipment/vedder-light-tuck/ For a duty holster, as seen on the battle belt above, I use a KT-Mech Akela. I got mine at Oak Hills guns and they get them in from time to time and were in stock until not too long ago. While playing with it, I thought it would be more difficult to manipulate. These compact pistols also large enough to fulfill the role of home defense gun. CZ intended to sell the pistol outside the Iron Curtain, which was a big problem under communist control, especially when it came to patents. As of this writing, I have zero plans to replace this gun as my “one pistol.” It’s served me very well , and I think it’s only getting better with time. Hey Jerry, thanks for commenting! The standard Glock trigger has never been bad but that being said, it’s also been painfully average. I’m jealous of your PCR, though, I’d love to get a hold of one. The front of the grip feels more like traditional checkering, while the sides feel closer to skateboard grip tape. Czechoslovakian government recognized the encroaching threat of Nazi Germany and directed its manufacturing plants further inland. They make you faster, more precise, and give a clear advantage over iron sights. The case also included two 15 round magazines. The OP wanted a range gun for target shooting. The reason CZ uses the phosphorescent sights, as I understand it, is due to import and export restrictions on tritium. The case also included two 15 round magazines. At “half cock” after using the decocker, the trigger pull is 9 lbs. There are a few things I’ve noticed, and one is that the Glock doesn’t provide enough grip to the gun. I sent the pistol of to CGW in November 2019 and got it back in Februrary 2020. The 75B is a proven reliable service pistol and will serve you well. Your PPQ is a better shooting gun, IMO. To my great surprise, the, My thoughts haven’t changed that much. The slide and barrel appear thick and strong. That's a very interesting point. Gen IV likes this. I really do shoot the P07 well, and I have a hard time justifying buying another 9mm right now “just because.”. Or get a CZ75 Shadow. The width is across the decockers. How to choose between the CZ P07 vs P01? If you’re like me and, Set the clock back to August 2017. I am aware that the trigger return spring is a known weak point on this pistol, and folks expect to replace them every 10,000 trigger pulls. They make you faster, more precise, and give a clear advantage over iron sights. CZ also included a safety lever that you can swap out on your own. It’s also a viable defensive duty pistol, if not a little large. CZ 85 Combat Recurve Double Action Trigger. The Glock 19 (Gen 5) comes with the Glock Marksman’s barrel, which reportedly offers superior accuracy to previous generations, and features a flared magazine well for quicker and easier reloads. The CZ P07 represents the second generation of CZ’s polymer pistol options. Up until Fall of 2017, I assumed that my carry pistol would be different from my “combat pistol.” While at the MVT HEAT 1 class in October 2017, my “battle  buddy” over the course of four days shared a little bit of philosophy with me. CZ P09 vs P07 COMPARISON 2020 P09 P07; Firearm Type: Handgun: Handgun: Chambering: 9mm Luger: 9mm Luger: Magazine Capacity: 19: 15: Barrel Length: 4.54 in: 3.75 in: Weight: 31 oz: 27.7 oz: Overall Length: 8.1 in: 7.2 in: Height: 5.79 in: 5.3 in: Width: 1.46 in: 1.46: Price: Check Price: Check Price: CZ P09 . It has, Up until Fall of 2017, I assumed that my carry pistol would be different from my “combat pistol.”, In any case, that was a long way to say that I’ve come to believe in the idea of. It included three backstraps, with the smallest already mounted on the pistol. Sure, I could get past it if I needed to, but I just didn’t want to. CZ P07 First Impressions. According to since-deleted press releases, the P01 reached 7 stoppages per 15,000 rounds for a failure rate of .05%, or a, In 2009, CZ released the P07 Duty. Just a few seconds from a bright flashlight is all it takes to have them glow for hours. There are times where I link to specific products or companies that I recommend. Must fire after being heated for 24 hours at 70C (126F), In all, the Czech Police required service life of. It doesn’t have nearly the options that you get with a Glock, HK, S&W, or Sig pistol. It's hard to bet against it. In 2001, CZ utilized its new manufacturing capabilities to produce a lighter and more modern duty pistol. Both the P-10 C and Glock 19 make optic’s ready models. I bought my CZ P07 a couple years ago . I’m kind of glad I did, though. To be fair, their design does borrow a lot of elements from John Browning’s pistol, but so did many other contemporary designs. The Everyday Marksman is entirely funded by readers like you. From a pure specification standpoint, the CZ P07 doesn’t really win at anything here. that glows in the dark after light exposure. While playing with it, I thought it would be more difficult to manipulate. The first 15-round magazine was all from single action, the second all double action. To build on their name, CZ made considerable investments into their design and manufacturing capabilities, ultimately earned ISO 9001 certification in 1997. However, there was another problem. It’s the heaviest and widest of them all, largely due to the beefier slide and ambidextrous decocking levers. It felt a little more like a rolling break than a predictable wall like I’ve come to expect from my Beretta. That was out of the box. I have a question, but first, a little background: I used to own a lot more guns than I do now, but over the past few years, I have trimmed my collection down to only guns that I actually shoot a lot. The CZ P-10 C comes with a flat face trigger, which has less reach than a curved trigger and offers more control. Highly recommended! Roberto Jao. Both have their quirks that may or may not work for you, such as the slightly taller height of the P30 or the slide-mounted decocker/safety of the PX4, but they are both quality options. For the record, I’ve recorded three consistent trigger pull weights. Second, I wanted a hammer fired gun in DA/SA. I’ve bolded the “best in class” for each row. Not because I really enjoy the FNS-9, but that the newest generation P07 offered a lot of improvements. This is where my pistol sits while I carry it or when its in my bedside safe, In single action mode, the trigger is just over, One of of the signature features of a CZ pistol is that the slide rides. 1.5mm Diode Fiber Optic Front & Fixed Rear Sights. The levers are nice and out of the way when I don’t need them and there’s a minimal snag hazard risk. The trigger continues to smooth out, and I’m sure it will keep doing so with time. + Newsletter+ New Content Alerts+ Deals and Sales. To be honest, I didn’t like the way this looked when I first saw it. The CZ P-10 C trigger is crisper, cleaner, and overall the trigger you would otherwise pay extra money to slap into a Glock. That sounds pretty great, right? With my big hands, my thumbs hold down the Glock’s slide lock, and the slide will not engage the slide lock when empty with my big hands. I have… Read more », The import/export restrictions makes sense regarding the sights. Uherský Brod, refers to the city their location. The, goal was taking the lessons learned from the P01 and PCR pistols and producing a modern polymer duty pistol with more reliability and functionality. If the difference in capability of a full sized and a compact isn't that much, then it just makes more sense to carry the compact all the time. To be fair, it’s significantly better than it was a while ago. The magazine and slide release are much larger and more comfortable to engage. In all, the Czech Police required service life of 15,000 rounds of +P ammunition. Well as you said, they are both almost equal..so if I was going to choose, I'm going to buy the less expensive one. That left me with my FNS-9. I still want to have the slide milled for a. I am aware that the trigger return spring is a known weak point on this pistol, and folks expect to replace them every 10,000 trigger pulls. In fact, I cannot find any machining marks inside the slide at all, which is more than I can say for my FNS. Some very knowledgable people are having fantastic results, comparable to RMRs.

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