ct :collections,pr:220433/100,stk:5, \/ 80mm Turbine Wheel \/ Super Core Assembly Only" : 44350157827}] var o={}, empi=8342642947, SwymProductVariants[44093665795] = { }; ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ var o={}, empi=48047292419, empi:empi,epi:43616584003, The first step: Determine your turbo size with the calculator on our Turbo Superstore. var o={}, empi=10801913155, variants: [{ "450-825HP 64.47mm Comp. SwymProductVariants[42555896003] = { SwymProductVariants[44350058947] = { ct :collections,pr:100275/100,stk:0, }; iu: piu , SwymProductVariants[44306296771] = { ct: collections, ct :collections,pr:16409/100,stk:36, }); ct: collections, \/ 76mm Turbine Wheel \/ (T4) 0.88A\/R", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; \/ 70mm Turbine Wheel \/ (T3\/T4) 1.15A\/R" : 42332138755}] iu: piu , du:"https://www.maperformance.com/products/s366-t4-airwerks-turbo-by-borgwarner-177284", ct: collections, variants: [{ "Default Title" : 44175350851}] variants: [{ "300-550HP 52.17mm Comp. SwymWatchProducts[44349871491] = o[44349871491] = {"id": 44349871491, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "400-775HP 61.44mm Comp. piu = "\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0890\/6136\/products\/borg-warner-23852977475_620x620.jpg?v=1563416904"; We love talking with performance drivers and hearing what they want to do with their cars, and we can’t wait to answer your pickiest questions. ct: collections, variants: [{ "T4 .91A\/R 80mm Turbine Wheel (Volute\/Twin)" : 42555834435}] SwymWatchProducts["borg-warner-efr-turbo-installation-kit-179423"] = SwymWatchProducts[8342642947] = o; var product_data = { }); SwymWatchProducts[44306296771] = o[44306296771] = {"id": 44306296771, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 7,"title": "T4 8374 1.05A\/R EWG Turbocharger", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; SwymWatchProducts["borg-warner-air-werks-s400sx4-75-s475-turbo-t6-88mm-171702-177288"] = SwymWatchProducts[48047292419] = o; pr: 16409/100, variants: [{ "400-775HP 61.44mm Comp. iu: piu , SwymProductVariants[35720071171] = { iu: piu , }); 1 review, Borg Warner Air Werks S400SX4-80 / S480 Turbo (177287) SwymWatchProducts[42969990915] = o[42969990915] = {"id": 42969990915, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "T6 1.25A\/R 83mm Turbine Wheel", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; variants: [{ "T6 1.15A\/R 96mm Turbine Wheel" : 44975901123}] BorgWarner EFR 7064-C 300-550 HP Twin Scroll Turbocharger. empi:empi,epi:44350167043, }); variants: [{ "5.50'' Inlet Race Cover w\/3.00'' Slip-on Outlet" : 545094238211}] empi:empi,epi:42332138691, \/ 76mm Turbine Wheel \/ (T4) 0.88A\/R" : 43417080707}] pr: 90402/100, var o={}, empi=10802069699, }; dt:"BorgWarner EFR Turbo Installation Kit (179423)", ct :collections,pr:1779/100,stk:0, pr: 15341/100, (function(et){ SwymWatchProducts[43889937987] = o[43889937987] = {"id": 43889937987, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "High", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; du:"https://www.maperformance.com/products/s200sx-e-journal-bearing-super-core-assembly-w-optional-t3-t4-flange-by-borgwarner-12709095019", var product_data = { }; iu: piu , dt :"S200SX\/SX-E Turbine Housing By BorgWarner (177191)",du:"https://www.maperformance.com/products/borgwarner-s200sx-sx-e-turbine-housing-177191", SwymWatchProducts[44093686595] = o[44093686595] = {"id": 44093686595, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "300-550HP 52.17mm Comp. }); ,op:17763/100 var collections = "Turbochargers, Kits \u0026 Accessories"; Using the knowledge and technology gained by designing reliable turbochargers BorgWarner has applied it to their high-performance turbochargers. }; op: 118486/100, empi:empi,epi:44350019651, BorgWarner EFR Super Short Canister (59001107255) $57.31 $71.62. empi:empi, epi:43891545283, iu: piu , SwymWatchProducts[44699040963] = o[44699040963] = {"id": 44699040963, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "T4 1.00A\/R Twin Flow", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; iu: "\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0890\/6136\/products\/borg-warner-bor-177275-straight-312573231107_620x620.jpg?v=1563031197" , SwymProductVariants[44093664259] = { ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ empi:empi, epi:27586851395, dt:"S200SX-E Journal Bearing Super Core Assembly W\/ Optional T3-T4 Flange By BorgWarner", if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; })(); \/ 76mm Turbine Wheel \/ (T4) 0.88A\/R" : 44350114691}] stk: 0, Turbochargers are like barbecue grills — they are available in a wide variety of configurations and shapes for a myriad of applications. ct: collections, iu: piu , op: 2224/100, pr: 5731/100, variants: [{ "400-775HP 61.44mm Comp. variants: [{ "5.00'' Inlet w\/V-Band Outlet (default)" : 545094205443}] dt:"S200SX-E Journal Bearing Super Core Assembly W\/ Optional T3-T4 Flange By BorgWarner", }; 1 review, BorgWarner EFR Turbo Boost Control Solenoid Kit (179425) variants: [{ "450-825HP 64.47mm Comp. op: 20414/100, empi:empi,epi:43890235907, dt:"BorgWarner Compressor Recirculation Spring (58061191379)", \/ 70mm Turbine Wheel \/ (T3\/T4) 1.22A\/R", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; variants: [{ "500-875HP 66.11mm Comp. SwymWatchProducts[44093665795] = o[44093665795] = {"id": 44093665795, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "300-550HP 52.17mm Comp. if(!window[k]) window[k] = {}; variants: [{ "Default Title" : 12603163279430}] stk: 36, var product_data = { op: 98512/100, \/ 70mm Turbine Wheel \/ (T3\/T4) 1.09A\/R" : 43423400899}] SwymWatchProducts[43782459459] = o[43782459459] = {"id": 43782459459, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "(T3\/T4) 1.09A\/R", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; variants: [{ "300-650HP 57.15mm Comp. ct: collections, pr: 95326/100, stk: 0, ct: collections, }; iu: piu , piu = "\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0890\/6136\/products\/borg-warner-bor-177275-straight-312573231107_620x620.jpg?v=1563031197"; empi:empi, epi:545094205443, empi:empi,epi:44349856451, })(); variants: [{ "500-875HP 66.11mm Comp. \/ 76mm Turbine Wheel \/ (T4) 0.91A\/R", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; \/ 80mm Turbine Wheel \/ (T4) 0.91A\/R", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; empi:empi,epi:43891545283, pr: 16409/100, SwymWatchProducts[545094008835] = o[545094008835] = {"id": 545094008835, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 6,"title": "90-degree Bend", "inventory_policy": "continue"}; SwymWatchProducts["s475-t6-airwerks-turbo-by-borgwarner-171702"] = SwymWatchProducts[10727629379] = o; pr: 95326/100, SwymWatchProducts[44350218051] = o[44350218051] = {"id": 44350218051, "available": true,"inventory_management": "shopify","inventory_quantity": 0,"title": "500-1000HP 69.00mm Comp. stk: 0, }; variants: [{ "300-650HP 57.15mm Comp. ['SwymViewProducts', 'SwymWatchProducts', 'SwymProductVariants'].forEach(function(k){ Some turbos are made for people looking for a boost for daily driving situations, others are made to be dragons breathing hot fire for races at the track. BorgWarner EFR 6758-F 250-500 HP Single Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner AirWerks S500SX-E 94mm Turbochargers, BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX3 71mm 500-950 HP Turbochargers, BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX-E 80mm Turbochargers, BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX3 80mm 750-1250 HP Turbocharger, BorgWarner EFR Series Turbo Speed Sensor Kit, BorgWarner EFR 6258-A 225-450 HP Single Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner AirWerks S500SX 88mm 900-1475 HP Turbocharger, BorgWarner EFR 8374-B 475-750 HP Single Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner EFR 7670-B 375-650 HP Single Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX-E 88mm Turbochargers, BorgWarner AirWerks S300SX-E 320-1000 HP Super Core Turbo Assemblies, BorgWarner EFR 7064-C 300-550 HP Twin Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX3 82mm 750-1300 HP Turbocharger, BorgWarner AirWerks Series Turbine Housings, BorgWarner EFR 6258-G 225-450 HP Twin Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner AirWerks S300SX3 60/63/66mm 320-800 HP Turbochargers - 90-Degree Outlet, BorgWarner AirWerks Passenger Car Direct Replacement Turbochargers, BorgWarner EFR 7064-D 300-550 HP Twin Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner EFR Series Turbo Hardware/Installation Kit, BorgWarner EFR 6758-A 250-500 HP Single Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner EFR 8374-D 475-750 HP Twin Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner EFR 7163-F(v) 300-550 HP Single Scroll Turbocharger, BorgWarner AirWerks Series Compressor Housings, BorgWarner Truck/Tractor Replacement Turbochargers, BorgWarner AirWerks S500SX-E 88mm Turbochargers, BorgWarner AirWerks S300GX Cummins 5.9L Upgrade Turbocharger, BorgWarner EFR Series Compressor Housings, BorgWarner EFR Series Turbo Compressor Recirculation Valve Kit, Please select the checkbox to SignUp for text alerts, Line Lock / Roll Control Kits & Components, Thermostat Housings, Filler Necks & Water Restrictors, Exhaust Kits - Catalytic Converter/Axle Back, Fasteners and Accessory Mounting Brackets, Throttle/Carburetor Linkage, Choke Kits & Components, Wiring, Wiring Harnesses, Switches, Connectors, Breakers & Relays, Axles, Axle Housings, Housing Braces & Components, Tire Gauges, Pyrometers, and Stagger Tape, Bug Deflectors, Side Window Deflectors & Visors, Chrome Accessories, Dress-Up Items & Graphics, Grille Guards, Bull Bars, Push Bars, Brush Guards, Air Valve Stems, Stem Caps & Wheel Weights, Tire Pressure Gauges, Tire Durometer & TPMS Sensors, Golf Cart/ATV Wheels, Tires and Accessories, MOPAR Backup Camera Systems and Components, Decals, Pins, Patches, Signs, Banners, Magnets & Lanyards, Car & Truck Programmers, Modules and Chips, Lifter Valley Oil Control Trays, Baffles & Screen Kits, Oil Filter Adapters & Remote Oil Filter Mounts, Oil Pan Drain Plugs, Oil Change Systems, & Engine Magnets, Oil Pan Windage Trays, Baffles & Crankshaft Scraper, Oil Restrictors & Lifter Valley Breather Tubes, Steering, Chassis & Suspension Restoration, Transmissions & Components for Classic Cars, Shifter Replacement, Service & Mounting Components, Chassis, Roll Cage, Frame Rail, Subframe & Front Suspension Kits, Panhard Rods, Track Rods & Rear Axle Housing Locater Rods, Storage Shelves, Cabinets, and Misc.

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