We want to play Billy Hatcher 2, Sega! Response to I feel Billy Hatcher needs a sequel 2010-03-05 22:14:48 i remember playing the game for maybe a few moments. This is my favourite game of all time. Players should be wary of their handling of the eggs, as they take damage when attacked by enemies or impact certain obstacles. The main reason why it's on this list is because it would work perfectly on the Wii U since the Pac-Man player can use the GamePad instead of a Game Boy Advance. Eggs can also be 'lost', i.e. The player controls the hero, Billy, who cannot do much by himself aside from moving and jumping. What was the highlight of your gaming day 12? Its a different game were they took something as silly as a boy in a chicken suit and turn it into. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg received mixed to positive reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic. Normally, you cannot do much aside from running and jumping. Editor Maciejewski for GameCube on December 16, 2014. Patrick Spaziante (regular)Reilly Brown (variant 1)Ben Bates (variant 2) Sonic Boom #10 A.J. It’s crazy how many series on that list need a new entry. He can also dash, throw and return the egg along the ground, slam the egg down from the air, and Billy can travel on rails and fly through rings. He wears teal goggles on his head and seems to have the biggest of the chicken combs on his head. Billy Hatcher stars a little boy in a rooster suit who rolls giant eggs to take out enemies and solve puzzles. Although Pac-Man Vs. wasn't really much of a game, it was a ton of fun. Issue To Stacy-Arnold Strider, Sandra Jo, Mai Kiyotaki, Patrick Riley and to the Character Business and Licensing Department of SEGA Corporation.To Francis Mao, Noriko Matsunaga, Susan Suarez and Hiromi Iwasaki at Capcom media & Consumer products. Sigma then tears the Sky Patrol in half. He then emerges and uses Drill Rush on Burn Dinorex. When the Woren thief Rei attempts to attack Toxic Seahorse, he dissolves and returns to normal behind Rei, attacking him. … Expand The Nintendo GameCube has a fantastic library of games and quite a lot of them haven't seen the light of day since. Mike Pellerito This game REALLY deserves a HD remake, or even better, a sequel. Maybe one day he'll get bored of flying around and thirst for another on-foot journey. This is my favourite game of all time. One damned charming game from start to finish. It had two releases outside of Japan and both were full of bongo-slapping fun. Post anything related to Billy Hatcher or Billy Hatcher 2! Meanwhile, being late to meet with his friends due to oversleeping, the slightly mischievous Billy Hatcher races out of his house to go meet them. Section heading Write the first section of your article here. When the egg takes enough damage, it is destroyed and no bonus comes from it. Meanwhile, on the Unified World, Sigma is destroying the Sky Patrol, and everyone get inside a escape shuttle to leave. The game itself is even more fun than it sounds. You'll be surprised by what you can do with these eggs but it will take quick moves and a Rooster Suit to foil the fowl forces of Dark Raven. It sucked so bad that I couldn't even force myself to finish it. ( Log Out /  29 July 2015 (release date)September 2015 (publication date) Meanwhile on the Unified World, Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver are screaming their lungs out, much to Sticks' annoyance. I didn't include games like that since I figured the Mario and Zelda series have plenty of sequels already, but the idea of direct sequels to those two unique games does get my imagination going! I would like a new: Crazy Taxi, Daytona USA, Ecco the Dolphin, Ghost Squad, House of the Dead, Jet Set Radio, Samba De Amigo, Seaman, Shenmue and Space Channel 5. Letters I want a sequel also to Mario Kart Double Dash that's a number 2 also. Baten Kaitos is pretty awesome as far as card battle RPGs go. The aspect that, even as a child, I wished they expanded on was the animals that hatched out of the eggs. Why not take a chance and release a sequel to one of their more unique games? A wicked plot by a sinister raven and his massive flock of monstrous crows has cast Morning Land into darkness. Sega are frustrating. 0. but i didn't have a GC at the time and now i highly doubt i ever will find a copy. What other game could make a chicken. This is most likely due to the fact that it leaves his middle finger extended and it is seen in many places as a rude gesture. He has a tendency to act before thinking, which always makes his friends a little nervous. How likely would it be for it to be on Virtual Console? I received my silver Gamecube which was bundled with Mario Kart: Double Dash. Momo is distracted with analyzing the Unity Engine, noting that it was definitely recent and shows no sign of wear, while Nina is attempting to warn the distracted engineer that Spiral Pegasus is headed in their direction. In the world of Breath of Fire III, at the Lost Shore of the Steel Grave, Hard Man and Big are traversing the area. Not some pseudo sequel on handhelds that was made because they scrapped the initial version of WW 2 that became Twilight Princess. Burn Dinorex then notices that Gigavolt Man-O-War left him behind and denounced him as a coward at labored breaths, but nonetheless manages to activate the Unity Engine, to Rotor's horror. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 37 Sonic News Network is a FANDOM Games Community. As of late, horror games seem to be all about gore and cheap scares. Billy Hatcher stars a little boy in a rooster suit who rolls giant eggs to take out enemies and solve puzzles. Polygon counts are noticeably low, for both the characters and the levels, and to have an accomplished developer like Sonic Team not push the hardware is quite a disappointment. This game REALLY deserves a HD remake, or even better, a sequel. Editor-in-Chief In-fact, it’s one of the games that contributes to my belief that the Gamecube was the greatest system ever for local multi-player (along with Smash Bros & Double Dash). Cover price I feel like the Nintendo Switch is the perfect system for either a remake or a sequel. Billy then yells to the egg, making a rhinocerous Cipher come out of it and destroy Dark Necrobat. Their VFX powers quickly clobber the Mavericks and they agree to help, mostly because Joe is still waiting for the next sequel to his own game. He's informed that if he doesn't save Morning Land, Dark Raven will bring eternal night, darkness will overcome the hearts of everyone, and the two worlds will be ruled by evil. Once he has freed the Elders, defeated the six Crow Bosses, and opened the Rainbow Gate, Billy travels to the Giant Palace, where Dark Raven is trying to hatch the Giant Egg to receive ultimate power. Not far away, Gareth attacks the barbarian Ax Battler, apparently starting to say that no mere blade can cause him harm, but before he finishes the line, Ax Battler cuts his arm off, causing him to fall in pain. - reviews; user reviews; cheats; FAQs/Guides; screens ; videos; Topic: No Sequel. ( Log Out /  Something that I’ve noticed is that some of my favourite games are the ones that I don’t expect anything from. Antoine tells him in a panicked manner that they are not minions and in fact came to help him. [citation needed] Due to the game's poor sales, Sega was reluctant to consider a sequel. Is there a permanent solution to this blinking red light issue? Ultimate Raven attacks Billy, destroying the Chicken Suit. If you don’t know what Billy Hatcher is, it’s an egg-obsessed platformer from Sonic Team. Variant #2 Maybe I should use my PET to jack my NetNavi in to Capcom's systems and get development of a sequel started! Why not take a chance and release a sequel to one of their more unique games? Billy battles Dark Raven, and once he defeats him, the Giant Egg hatches and grants Raven's wishes, shaping him into a crow-shaped shadow demon dubbed Ultimate Raven. Ryu, Nina, Momo, Honey, Garr, Rei and Peco of the world of Breath of Fire III. Gooooood graphics! ". Era Gecko is a major general in Dark Raven's army and the prince of a group of reptilian like crows called the'saurocks'.

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