• How much time nvc take to schedule an interview. Children who enter the U.S with an IR2 visa have the opportunity to become U.S citizens immediately. Each part or area has its own windows for pre-screening, fingerprint scanning and interview). -How do I support my relationship with the petitioner, my step-dad or my mom? The IR2 visa is a US immediate relative visa for unmarried children under 21 years old of a US citizen. Immediately after USCIS approves the petition, the applicant in the foreign country can begin their application at a U.S Embassy or Consulate. Hi Mecaila! Are your children employed? Thank you very much! Hi! :) After the interview, he gave me this piece of paper (steps on how to register the address for visa delivery) and told me that he'll be reviewing my documents. I waited for around 30 minutes to get those photos. congrats on making it through! The petition can be done by filing Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relatives. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The IR2 visa applicant or someone helping them must fill out all the necessary sections, which will have questions related to the applicant’s information, background, and purpose of immigrating to the U.S. I'm currently waiting for my interview sched and it's kinda nerve racking haha so if u dont mind, may i ask how long it took you to receive an appointment letter? You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Nice post, keep posting. Please what is the meaning of the ads-260, Hi! Yes, you will have access to healthcare in the United States as an IR2 visa holder, however, the costs of getting medical treatment in the US are one of the highest in the world. Thank you for the reply! Hahaha. Good thing I was a minor when my dad filed the petition. If the petition is approved, it will then go to the National Visa Center (NVC). Hi Im David and Im 20 years old. Best to consult with a local immigration attorney who is in the best position to answer this type of question. Thank God the consul whom I landed with is also kind, though he looks scary. There are enough signs inside so you won't get lost and you could follow the other applicants as well. I gave them my pictures and they scanned and edited it (put collar). Unfortunately, I did not bring any since my father has sent this to the NVC beforehand. Like you, I was also petitioned by my father when I was 20. There is also a fee which the U.S citizen must pay in order to process the petition. Here are 70 sample spousal visa interview questions, which are examples of the kinds of questions you may be asked during the interview. Since I turned 21 last January 2017, my age "freezes" to 20 because I was a minor when my father filed the petition. USCIS Immigrant Fee which you must pay after you receive your visa and before you travel to the U.S. USCIS will not issue you a Green Card without you paying this fee. I finally got my appointment letter last Dec and I am scheduled for an interview on January 25.. which is in 4 days... i hope mine would go as smoothly as yours! i am also being petitioned by my dad. The petition will then go through the Department of Homeland Security and processed within a few months. The questions that are … and, also how did your father acquire his US Visa? Since the IR2 visa does not have annual caps, the processing times are also much shorter than the Family Preference Visas. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Hope it turned out well! I was confused if I have been approved or not. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Good luck on your interview! Hahaha. And to our surprise, it cost 190 pesos for 6 pieces! At that time, there were only 3 consuls. :). There was a woman consul (with copper-like hair color) and she was very kind. And i was wondering what questions will they ask her? The NVC will then be your main contact for the IR2 visa. I am planning to travel but I was confused about flight bookings, your post gave me an amazing idea to explore for documents required for us visa . After the fingerprint scanning, you will be asked to take a seat to wait for your turn. The child will be asked questions about who they are and the officials will determine whether the child can get the IR2 visa. Hahaha. F-2 Visa for Dependents of F-1 Visa Holders, J-2 Visa for Dependents of J-1 Visa Holders, M-1 Visa for Vocational and non-Academic Education, H-1B Visa for Person in Specialty Occupations, H-1B1 Visa for Professionals from Chile and Singapore, H-4 Visa for Dependents of H Visa Holders, L-2 Visa for Dependents of L visa holders, O-1 Visa for Persons With Extraordinary Ability, P Visa for Athletes, Artists and Entertainers, E-3 Visa – Work Visa for Australian Nationals, IR-2 Visa for Unmarried Children of a U.S Citizen, IR-3 Visa for Children Adopted Abroad by a U.S Citizen, IR-4 Visa for Children Adopted Within the U.S by a U.S Citizen, F-2A Visa for spouses and minor children under 21 years old, F-2B Visa for adult children over 21 years old, F-3 Visa for married children of U.S citizens and their families, F-4 Visa for siblings of U.S citizens and their families. The child will be asked questions about who they are and the officials will determine whether the child can get the IR2 visa. I was praying that I would land to a kind consul. When you submit the DS-260 form, you will get a confirmation page and number which you must attach to your supporting documents. The IR2 visa file must contain the following required documents: Every immigrant applicant for the U.S must attend an interview at the U.S Embassy or Consulate where they are applying. The consul didn't ask me to present those but the pre-screen interviewer (which is Pinoy) did. The criteria for the IR2 visa are not as extensive as some other types of visa. As long as you get there, someone will be offering you to sit at the monoblock. If the child’s IR2 visa is approved, they can travel to the U.S freely. Maybe because we were the first batch and we were only few. The NVC will first make sure that you have submitted all the necessary documents and then will schedule the interview. This article will go through the IR2 visa, what it is, its requirements, application process, and other relevant details. How was your interview? Have adopted the child from a foreign country and lived with them for 2 years. Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas (IR visas), Two photographs per individual according to the US Visa Photo Requirements. The application can be accessed by using the NVC case number which links it to your case and the approved petition. If the child who has an IR2 visa is under 18 years old, then they will get U.S citizenship immediately when they enter the U.S and state that they will live in the U.S with their parents. The U.S citizen will be notified about the status when the processing is complete. I told her I didn't bring those documents kasi all the original documents have been submitted already. I was really, really, nervous because I could hear the conversations between the consuls and the applicants. The package will also include the case number and invoice ID number. There are various fees that the petitioner and the applicant must pay throughout the application process for the IR2 visa. Hi mam if our parents are seperated what questions will they ask? Since phones are not allowed inside the embassy, You and the other applicants will be called to line up under a tent (near the entrance of the embassy), They will be asking you to bring out your passport and DS-260, A staff will be giving you zip lock for your passport (Yup, you'll be putting your passport inside the zip lock; they will give instructions naman). I am 22 now and I am scheduled for interview this February 8. Before I was interviewed, I had a pledge saying that I should tell the truth (and nothing but the truth so help me God haha). Hi Jess! Ako kasi walang dala talaga. If you don't want to spend money and you are willing to wait while standing, it's okay :) It was just surprising because we thought those people are associated with the embassy but it wasn't because we were thinking that the embassy has provided us free seats for us to wait. One of them is the Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas (IR visas). What kind of job do they do? -What are the questions going to be asked? The benefit of the IR2 visa and all the Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas in general as compared to the Family Preference Immigrant Visas is that they do not have an annual cap. The treatment of a broken leg or broken arm will cost you $2,500, while staying at a US hospital may cost over $10,000, on average. 70 Spousal Visa Interview Questions. Haha. What Are the Fees to Pay For the IR2 Visa? The U.S citizen petitions for the child to U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), When the petition is approved, the child must apply to a U.S Embassy or Consulate in their home country, Your valid passport for more than 6 months after your planned entry into the U.S, Medical examination and vaccination documents, Court and criminal records and/or police certificate, If you served in the military, you must bring your military records, IR2 visa for the unmarried children under 21 years old of a U.S citizen, Fees to get and translate all the supporting documents. Anyone who wants to immigrate to the U.S must get the necessary medical check-ups and vaccines. It has two main parts: This shows that the application procedure must start within the U.S, with the U.S citizen petitioning to the authorities. Hi! And the questions were easier lol. (place where I'll be staying). My interview date is dec 17 and I don't know what to bring. This comment has been removed by the author. Hello congrats.. -How do I talk? Besides the application form, you must also attach various supporting documents to give NVC a better reason as to why you should be allowed to immigrate to the U.S with an IR2 visa. When we arrived, we were asked how many 2x2 photos I have brought. The child of the U.S citizen must be: Besides the criteria for the child who will be applying for the IR2 visa, the U.S citizen must fulfill these criteria: The application process for the IR2 visa follows similar patterns to other types of family based visas. Kaya lately Trump's RAISE Act bothers me a lot :(.

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